iOS 18 AI May Use Google, OpenAI & Baidu

Apple is reportedly in talks with Google, OpenAI, and Baidu to power iOS 18 AI features.

TL;DR: iOS 18 AI chatbots

  • The rumor: Apple is reportedly in talks with Google, OpenAI, and Baidu to power their iOS 18 AI. 📱
  • What this means: In order to catch up to competitors, Apple is turning to third parties until their own AI is advanced enough. 🤖
  • Is this a done deal? Apple nor any of the other parties have announced agreements, so things could still change. 🍎
  • When is iOS 18 coming out? iOS 18 is expected to be released this fall. 📆

As Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference approaches in June, more details are coming out about some of the features that may be included in iOS 18.

One of the most notable new iOS 18 features is reportedly improved home screen customization. Under the plans, Apple would allow iPhone users to position home screen app icons on the screen while leaving blank spaces between them. Currently, icons are positioned one after the other.

But of course, another major feature of iOS 18 is expected to be deep artificial intelligence integration with the iPhone’s operating system across the board. This AI integration is expected to take many forms.

First, it is likely Apple will add generative AI capabilities to several apps. For example, the company could choose to include generative AI editing and alteration of photographs in the Photos app. The company will also reportedly use AI in apps like Music to help users generate playlists.

AI could be used in other apps, such as Messages and Mail to help users compose text.

However, one of the main benefits of AI comes from generative AI chatbots like ChatGPT. Chatbots allow users to interact with AI using natural language. The AI analyzes their request and then returns the answer.

Chatbots like ChatGPT are light years ahead of old-school chat assistants like Apple’s Siri, which has long been criticized for its slow responses and frustrating answers.

In iOS 18, Apple is expected to overhaul Siri by turning it into a generative AI chatbot. However, while Apple is rumored to be working on its own generative AI chatbot, the company will rely on third parties to power some of its chatbot features in iOS 18.

A few reports now suggest that Apple’s iOS 18 AI partners may be OpenAI, Google, or Baidu––perhaps more than one of those.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that Apple was in talks with both OpenAI and Google to use ChatGPt and Gemini. As Bloomberg noted, “A deal between Apple and Alphabet would build on an existing partnership that has for years seen Google pay billions of dollars annually to be the default search option in the Safari web browser. Talks between the two companies on AI collaboration remain active, but no formal announcements are expected until this summer. And Apple could still choose to work with other players—it has also held talks with OpenAI—or tap multiple partners. Apple and Google declined to comment.”

And now a report from China Daily says Apple is in talks with Chinese tech giant Baidu to use its AI in iOS 18. However, China Daily says the companies have not reached a deal so far.

It’s entirely possible that Apple could use both Baidu’s AI and Google or OpenAI to power AI in iOS 18. This is because Apple’s second largest market is China, but the country requires AI chatbots to be licensed and regulated within its borders. Google’s and OpenAI’s AIs are not licensed in the country, so Apple could not use those to power AI features on iPhones in China.

As always, we’ll need to wait until this summer when Apple first previews iOS 18 to know what features––and whose AI––make it into the operating system.

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