The new display type would mark a significant point in the iPad Pro’s history.

TL;DR: New display options for the 2024 iPad Pro

  • Display: A new report says the 2024 iPad Pro may have a new matte screen option. 📱
  • Benefits: A matte screen would reduce the glare iPad Pro users see on their display. 😎
  • Likelihood: The report is just a rumor for now, but Apple’s Studio Display comes in a matte option already. 🖥️
  • Release date: The new iPad Pro is expected to be released in late March or April 2024. 📆

It’s not just the upcoming iPhone 16 series that could see display improvements. A new report says the upcoming 2024 iPad Pro line may gain a first-of-its-kind display option for Apple’s tablet lineup: a matte display.

The report comes from the Weibo account Instant Digital. The original post is in Chinese, but an Alibaba Cloud translation of it reads in part:

“1. Confirm the release of iPad *** next week

2. iPad *** has two versions to choose from, bright and foggy screen versions. The foggy screen version is also called AG eye protection screen. 29, plus or minus 4 haze. (this article@刹那数码alone)”


The post was noticed by 9to5Mac. What it suggests are a few things: first, the new iPad Pros will be released next week. Second, that the new iPads being released will have a matte screen option.

The most interesting thing in the post is, of course, the claim that some of the new iPads may gain a matte screen option. This would be a first for Apple’s tablet, which, since its introduction in 2010 has always had a glossy finish on the display.

From Instant Digital’s post, it’s not clear if the matte display option would come to just the iPad Pro, or if it would also come to the new iPad Air which is rumored to be announced soon, too. What is known about the new iPad Air is that it is supposed to gain a 12.9-inch screen option for the first time.

The 2024 iPad Pros, on the other hand, are expected to gain OLED displays, which should boost color and battery life. The new iPad Pros are also expected to gain the M3 chipset and a thinner bezel, which should make the screen appear larger without increasing the device’s external dimensions.

If Apple is going to add a new matter screen option to the iPad Pro and/or iPad Air, it’s likely the option would come at a premium. Apple currently offers its 5K Studio Display in both a glossy option, which it calls “standard glass,” and a matte option, which it calls “nano-texture glass.”

Here’s how Apple explains the glass option:

“Nano-texture glass is a great option if you’re in a workspace with bright light sources, like a lot of sunlight. Typical matte displays have a coating added to their surface that scatters light. However, these coatings lower contrast while producing unwanted haze and sparkle. Etched into the glass at the nanometer level, the nano-texture scatters light to further minimize glare — for outstanding image quality even in challenging lighting conditions. The nano-texture glass option comes with a polishing cloth that’s made with soft, nonabrasive material for safe cleaning.”


If the iPad Pro is indeed gaining a matte glass option, it is likely Apple will market it as a nano-texture glass display, just like it does on the Studio Display. What is unknown is how much more an iPad Pro user will have to pay for the nano-texture option.

On the 27-inch Studio Display, the option costs an additional $300. Since even the largest iPad Pro Display is over 50% smaller than the Studio Display, it’s likely the nano-texture upgrade, if it becomes a reality, may not be as much as $300 more–but we’ll have to wait for Apple to make the announcements to know for sure.

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