What Does “XOXO” Mean? Definition & How To Use It

by | 14/01/2021 9:49 am
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A quick and simple definition of XOXO – what it means, why it is used, and how to use it in text messages…

If you have a phone, or a teenager/millennial in your home, you’ve probably seen the text XOXO. But what does XOXO actually mean? Like other internet slang, SMH, for instance, these abbreviations can be confusing at first glance.

“XOXO” Definition: What It Means

XOXO means hugs and kisses. Simple, right? The X means kiss and the O means hugs, so XOXO technically means kisses, hugs, kisses, hugs. Although plenty of people in America abbreviate it to XO, meaning kisses and hugs.

But is this really the case? As with all things internet-based, the meaning of XOXO is up for debate. According to The New Yorker, XOXO is actually used to convey “light affection” but make sure you use it correctly because getting it wrong can indicate strong sexual desire.

For instance, “XOX” indicates a heavy sexual desire, so if you see this inside a Tinder message, chances are your date will go well. Not to be confused with “XOX”, “XO” is, again, a term used for light-to-moderate affection like when you send your aunty a message, thanking her for xmas gifts.

So, to recap: XOXO means light affection, XO also means light affection. And XOX means I want to jump your bones.

Confused? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Online, XOXO is basically level one for letter-based sigils. You have plenty of other acronyms like NSFW, IIRC, IMHO, ROTFL, LMAO, and, of course, LOL which means laughing out loud – not Lots of Love.

Why Do People Use XOXO?

XOXO is used as a term of endearment. If you like someone and you want to express affection towards them, you can sign off an email, text message, or social media update with XOXO.

The most common use of XOXO is inside WhatsApp, although people use XOXO in all kinds of settings. Those that are very meta even say it IRL – IRL means In Real Life, by the way – although this isn’t exactly common and probably isn’t advisable, especially if you born before the 2000s.

OK, so we’ve covered XOXO. But what about other, popular text message abbreviations? As noted above, there is plenty of text-based slang online, in forums, in WhatsApp group chats, and on Facebook. Here’s a list of the 10 most-used and popular texting abbreviations and what they mean.

Most Popular Texting Abbreviations & What They Mean

  • ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing
  • STFU – Shut the F**K up
  • LMK – Let me know
  • ILY – I love you
  • YOLO – You only live once
  • SMH – Shaking my head
  • LMFAO – Laughing my freaking Ass off
  • NVM – Never mind

There are the basic ones, the type you’ll see most online. But there are plenty of more esoteric texting abbreviations you’ll come across – and some are downright bonkers! I mean, check out these ones:

  • 420 – Marijuana
  • 2M2H – Too Much To Handle
  • 1NAM – One In A Million
  • @TEOTD – At The End of The Day
  • AAP – Always A Pleasure
  • YGM – You Got Mail
  • ACC – Anyone Can Come
  • BAMF – Bass Ass Mother F****R
  • BFFLNMW – Best Friends For Life No Matter Water

I could go on, but I won’t. There are literally thousands of texting slang terms used today all over the world. And these are just the English language based ones. Once you start looking at other languages, you get thousands more…

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