The iPhone 13 Pro is Discontinued – Here’s Why…

Apple just killed off the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, following the launch of the iPhone 14 – here’s why…

Key Takeaways:

  • Apple discontinues its outgoing Pro models to prevent disruption in sales of its new Pro models.
  • The discontinuation strategy is consistent; for instance, when the iPhone 13 range was introduced, the iPhone 12 Pro models were discontinued.
  • Despite the discontinuation, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is still available for purchase in 2023.
  • You can now pick up the iPhone 13 Pro Max via specialist retailers for considerably less than its launch price, making it a great value for money option in 2023.
  • The iPhone 13 Pro Max remains a top-tier phone, boasting excellent camera quality, impressive battery life, and overall great value.

Hello, iPhone 14. Goodbye, iPhone 13 Pro…

Apple has officially discontinued the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone 11, following the launch of its new iPhone 14 series. The removal of the iPhone 11, interestingly, means that Apple now officially ONLY sells 5G iPhones through its store.

If you’re interested in saving some cash but you still want an iPhone, Apple has kept the iPhone SE, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 around which are all still listed alongside the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, and the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Apple’s 2023 iPhone Line-Up

iphone 15 alternativesPin

Apple’s 2023 lineup of iPhones showcases a variety of models, each tailored to different user needs and preferences. Here’s a detailed look at each model:

iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max 🌟

  • Features: The iPhone 15 Pro stands at the forefront of technology, with state-of-the-art camera systems, the latest A-series processor for unmatched performance, and a superior OLED display. It also boasts enhanced battery life and potentially new software capabilities exclusive to the Pro line.
  • Target Audience: Aimed at tech enthusiasts and users who demand the best in smartphone technology, photography, and performance.

iPhone 15 📱

  • Features: The iPhone 15 introduces upgraded features such as an enhanced camera setup, a more powerful and efficient chip than its predecessor, and a refined design. It offers a balance of high-end specs and accessibility.
  • Target Audience: Perfect for mainstream users who desire up-to-date technology combined with practicality and style.

iPhone 14 🔄

  • Features: The iPhone 14, from the previous year, balances performance and value. It features a quality dual-camera system, a vibrant display, and reliable processing power, making it a worthy contender in the lineup.
  • Target Audience: Ideal for those seeking Apple’s quality and innovation at a more accessible price point.

iPhone 13 📉

  • Features: The iPhone 13 remains a strong performer with its capable camera system, solid processor, and sleek design that aligns closely with newer models.
  • Target Audience: Best suited for budget-conscious consumers who want a modern iPhone without the premium price tag of the latest models.

iPhone SE 📲

  • Features: The iPhone SE offers a compact and affordable alternative in Apple’s lineup. It combines a smaller, classic design with powerful internals, typically featuring the same processor as previous high-end models.
  • Target Audience: Designed for users who prefer a smaller, more traditional iPhone and those seeking an economical entry into the Apple ecosystem.

And here’s a list of all the iPhones that Apple has discontinued.

Out of all the iPhones currently available via Apple’s official channels – its online store and physical shops – the cheapest model remains the iPhone SE 2022 ($429) with the iPhone 13 ($599) in second place. The iPhone 14 now retails for $699, while the iPhone 15 starts from $799.

For an overview of what to buy right now, check out our guide to the best iPhone you can buy right now.

Why Apple Discontinued The iPhone 13 Pro?

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Apple’s approach to discontinuing its outgoing Pro models, such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max or Pro, is a strategic decision aimed at optimizing its product lineup and sales.

Here’s an expanded view on why this happens and its implications:

Maintaining Market Position for New Models 🌟

  • Focus on Newest Technology: By phasing out the older Pro models, Apple ensures that the spotlight remains on its latest releases, like the iPhone 14 Pro. This strategy directs customer attention and demand towards the newest technology and features.
  • Preventing Price Competition: If older Pro models like the iPhone 13 Pro Max were discounted significantly, they could become more attractive to buyers due to their lower price, potentially diverting sales from the new iPhone 14 Pro. Apple wants to avoid this internal competition.

Consistent Yearly Pattern ⏳

  • Historical Trend: This practice is not new for Apple. With the launch of each new iPhone series, previous Pro models are typically removed from official sales channels. For instance, the iPhone 12 Pro models were discontinued following the release of the iPhone 13 series, and the same occurred with the iPhone 11 Pro models after the iPhone 12’s launch.
  • Streamlining the Product Lineup: This pattern helps Apple streamline its product offering, making it easier for customers to choose from the latest and most advanced models. It also simplifies inventory and production demands.

Impact on Consumers and Market Dynamics 🛍️

  • Incentivizing Upgrades: By removing older Pro models, Apple nudges its consumer base towards purchasing the latest devices, encouraging a cycle of regular upgrades.
  • Secondary Market Growth: This strategy inadvertently boosts the secondary market for discontinued models. Consumers seeking older Pro models at lower prices often turn to resellers and refurbished phone markets.

Strategic Pricing and Positioning 💸

  • Creating a Pricing Hierarchy: Discontinuing older Pro models helps Apple maintain a clear pricing structure within its lineup. This ensures that each model has a distinct position in terms of pricing and features, reducing confusion for potential buyers.

Can You Still Buy The iPhone 13 Pro Max?

If you want to pick up an iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2023 and, you know, save yourself a little bit of cash there are plenty of ways to get one – most carriers still have plenty of them in stock.

Verizon is offering some killer deals on the iPhone 13 Pro Max too. You can effectively pick up the phone for free if you have an eligible trade-in. If you’re running an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, for instance, you can use it to put towards the cost of a new iPhone 13 Pro Max, potentially saving you up to $800 in the process.

And make no mistake, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is still a killer phone. It has a brilliant camera, and outstanding battery life, and is still very much worth a buy in 2022, especially if you’re looking to save some money (by getting it instead of the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max).

The Discount Ultra Flagship
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

It has the best camera, the best battery, one of the best screens ever put in a production phone, and it has the fastest chip on the market. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is by far and away the best phone you can buy now. Yes, it is expensive. But keep in mind that you’ll be able to comfortably run this phone for at least the next six to seven years without issue. 

  • Amazing Camera
  • ProMotion 120Hz Display
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • LiDAR Sensor
  • Beautiful Design
  • Fast 5G Support

Another option is to pick one up via a refurbished phone specialist; I’ve included the two best for the UK and the USA below – you’ll save, on average, around 30% by buying an iPhone refurbished.

Best Refurbished iPhone Retailer In USA
Gazelle: The US' #1 Refurb iPhone Specialist

Gazelle is the USA’s biggest and most trusted refurbished tech retailer. It sells everything from iPhones to MacBooks and Samsung phones. All Gazelle phones are extensively tested before they’re sold, meaning they look and function as good as new. If you’re in the US, Gazelle is the one to go for. 

  • 30-Point Test on ALL Products
  • 40% Cheaper Than Buying New
  • Sells Phones, Tablets, MacBooks & More
  • Excellent Warranty, Prices & Delivery Times
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
Best Refurbished Phone Retailer In UK
REBOXED: The Best For UK & EU

REBOXED has a massive selection of refurbished iPhones, Samsung phones, Apple Watch devices, AirPods, and more. If you’re after quality, reliability, and the best prices on the market, REBOXED is where it is at for users in the UK and Europe. 

  • 70-Point Test on ALL Products
  • 40% Cheaper Than Buying New
  • Sells Phones, Tablets, Headphones & More
  • Excellent Delivery Times & Packaging
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

And don’t let the name put you off, refurb iPhones look and function as good as new. I know this because I’ve owned about three of them in the past several years.

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Richard Goodwin has been working as a tech journalist for over 10 years. He has written for Den of Geek, Fortean Times, IT PRO, PC Pro, ALPHR, and many other technology sites. He is the editor and owner of KnowYourMobile.

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