Only These Pixel Phones Will Get 10-Bit HDR Video

📱✨ Pixel Update March 2024: 10-Bit HDR Recording ✨📱

  • 🔥 New Feature: 10-bit HDR video 🎥🌈
  • 🚀 Exclusive: Only on Tensor G2 & G3 Pixels 📲💪
  • 🎨 10-bit Color: 1 billion+ hues for real-life vibes 🌎👁️
  • 🌟 HDR: Brights brighter, darks darker 🌞🌚
  • 🛠️ Edit Like a Pro: More detail, more depth in editing 🖌️💼
  • 🔒 Pixel 7 & Up: Sorry, old models 🚫📵
  • 💖 Content Creators: Pixel narrows gap with iPhone 🤳💘
  • 📸 Ultra HDR Photos: Pics that pop 🌈✨

Google’s Pixel phones have long been known for their imaging and video prowess. But the latest Pixel Update – the March 2024 one, specifically – brings a huge new feature to select Pixel phone models: 10-Bit HDR video recording. 

Exclusive To Tensor G2 and Tensor G3-Powered Pixel Phones

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The only caveat? 10-bit HDR video recording will only be available on Pixel phones equipped with Tensor G2 and G3 chips, so if you’re running an older model you’re bang outta luck. You’ll need a Pixel 7 series phone or higher to access this new feature.

What is 10-bit HDR Video Recording?

10-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) video recording is a technological advancement that merges two crucial concepts to enhance video quality significantly: 10-bit color depth and HDR imaging. This synthesis aims to produce video footage that is more vibrant, detailed, and true to the human visual experience than traditional recording methods.

10-bit Color Depth

The term “10-bit color” refers to the bit depth used in digital imaging to store color information for each pixel in a video frame. Unlike the more widespread 8-bit color, which can display up to 16.7 million colors, 10-bit color increases the color palette to over 1 billion hues.

This exponential increase allows for finer color gradations and a more accurate representation of subtle color nuances, significantly enhancing the realism of video content.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR video recording technology captures a broader spectrum of light and dark areas within a scene, more closely mirroring the range of luminance that the human eye can perceive. This technique enhances the video’s contrast, reveals more details in both the brightest and darkest parts of the image, and overall, delivers a more immersive and engaging viewing experience.

Benefits of 10-Bit HDR Video Recording

The integration of 10-bit color depth with HDR technology in video recording offers several advantages:

  • Increased Color Depth: The leap from 8-bit to 10-bit color depth translates into 64 times more color variations, ensuring smoother transitions between hues and a more nuanced depiction of scenes.
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range: By capturing a wider range of brightness levels, HDR technology minimizes banding issues and maintains detail in both highlights and shadows, resulting in images that look more lifelike.
  • Post-production Flexibility: Videos recorded in 10-bit HDR afford greater latitude in editing, particularly in color grading and correction, without losing detail or quality.

Pixel Phones Close Gap on iPhone For Content Creators’ Hearts & Minds

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology in mobile devices addresses a significant challenge within the realm of mobile videography: capturing the full spectrum of colors perceivable by the human eye.

This update allows users to produce and share HDR videos directly to platforms like Instagram Reels. And as we all know: better-looking videos tend to do better with views and likes and shares.

And They’re Also Getting Ultra High Dynamic Range (Ultra HDR) Photo Capabilities Too

On top of this, the introduction of Ultra High Dynamic Range (Ultra HDR) photo capabilities which, using sophisticated algorithms to merge multiple exposures into a single image, will massively improve the look and feel of images captured using Pixel phones.

This tech not only broadens the dynamic range of photographs but also enhances color fidelity and contrast – it’s what makes certain photos “pop” off the page.

Furthermore, the ability to directly share HDR content on Instagram signifies Google’s recognition of social media as something to be embraced, not pushed aside. Again, this is why you’re seeing more and more user generated content in the SERPs.

This is a huge update for Pixel users and it is something that has the potential to persuade plenty more users over to Google’s now-seriously impressive line-up of Pixel phones which are not only cheaper than Apple and Samsung’s latest offerings, but are now fast becoming more and more useful too.

Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin is a leading UK technology journalist with a focus on consumer tech trends and data security. Renowned for his insightful analysis, Richard has contributed to Sky News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2, and CNBC, making complex tech issues accessible to a broad audience.

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