New 2024 iPad Pros and iPad Airs may finally launch next month.

TL;DR: 2024 iPad Lineup

  • What’s coming? Apple will reportedly launch new iPad Pros and new iPad Airs in May. 📱
  • When? The new iPad release could come as soon as the week of May 6th. 📆
  • What’s new with iPad Pro? The biggest new feature of the iPad Pro will be OLED displays. 📲
  • What’s new with the iPad Air? The iPad Air is supposed to come in a larger 12-inch model. 💨

If you’re a fan of Apple tablet computers—the iPad—then you’ll be happy to know that new models will finally arrive next month. At least that’s according to a report from Bloomberg. The release is a long time coming for iPad fans; 2023 didn’t see any updates to Apple’s tablet.

But that’s supposed to change next month. As Bloomberg notes, “On the docket is the revamped iPad Pro, an iPad Air, a fresh Magic Keyboard and an Apple Pencil. Altogether, this launch is shaping up to be one of the biggest updates to the Apple tablet in a single day. And it’s a long time coming, especially for the iPad Pro. That model hasn’t had a meaningful refresh since 2018.”

Originally new iPad Pros and iPad Airs were expected to launch in March, the same month Apple unveiled the new M3 MacBook Airs. But Apple has reportedly run into production issues with some of the displays in the new iPad Pros, which has delayed their launch by nearly two months come May.

As we previously detailed, the biggest feature of the new iPad Pro line is expected to be the addition of OLED panels in Apple’s high-end tablet range. OLED displays have long been used on the iPhone and result in brighter colors, darker blacks, and less power consumption. The technology would really give the iPad Pro lineup a much-needed feature boost.

But the new iPad Pro might also gain a matte display option. This would be a first for the iPad lineup. However, this option will likely come at an additional cost to customers. As we previously noted, “If the iPad Pro is indeed gaining a matte glass option, it is likely Apple will market it as a nano-texture glass display, just like it does on the Studio Display. What is unknown is how much more an iPad Pro user will have to pay for the nano-texture option.”

It’s also rumored that the new iPad Pros will finally have a landscape-oriented FaceTime camera, which would be nice considering many users keep their iPad in landscape orientation when using the device with a keyboard.

Of course, due to all the technology upgrades, it’s also likely the 2024 iPad Pro could come with a price rise. Currently the cheapest iPad Pro costs $799. It’s conceivable Apple could start the new models out at $100 more or higher.

As for the iPad Air, the new 2024 editions are not expected to gain an OLED display. That’s no surprise as Apple likes to differentiate between models with different technologies. 

But it’s likely the new iPad Airs will also gain landscape-oriented FaceTime cameras. And in what will be a first for the iPad Air, Apple is expected to launch its 2024 lineup with two different screen sizes for the iPad Air for the first time ever.

The 2024 iPad Air is expected to be offered in its current 11-inch screen size. But Apple is also expected to release a 12.9-inch model. This would be the largest iPad Air Apple has ever made.

Of course, we won’t know for sure what the new 2024 iPads will look like until Apple debuted them—but at least it may not be long now until we see them.

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