EV brand Polestar is about to release an AI-powered smartphone made from aerospace-grade aluminum and crystal-polished glass

Key Takeaways:

  • Polestar is set to release an AI-powered smartphone made from aerospace-grade aluminum and crystal-polished glass.
  • The Polestar AI Phone will be released on April 23 alongside the new Synergy car model during the Polestar Brand Night event.
  • The smartphone features a shockproof and anti-deforming frame, a crystal-polished glass back, and a terrazzo stone-like texture with gold accents.
  • The device has a large 21:9 ratio display with 2K visual quality and a 91.5% screen-to-body ratio.
  • AI support is integrated into the smartphone’s software for optimization assistance.
  • The Polestar AI Phone is designed to serve as a companion to the upcoming Polestar 4 vehicle and its intelligent cockpit.

Tesla has been rumored to be eyeing a phone release for years, but it appears as if popular EV brand Polestar will beat it to market with its own smartphone that is being built in collaboration with Meizu.

But this isn’t just any old smartphone, it’s built from aerospace-grade aluminum and crystal-polished glass and, like everything else released between 2023 and 2024, it packs in native AI capabilities. 

The Swedish company will apparently launch the Polestar AI phone on April 23 alongside a brand new car model during an event called Polestar Brand Night. 

The Polestar Phone: What To Expect

The Polestar Phone’s frame, made from NP66 aerospace-grade aluminum, offers exceptional durability and resistance to shocks and deformation. This material, commonly used in high-performance aircraft, ensures the device can withstand the demands of everyday use.

The rear of the smartphone features crystal-polished glass, creating a stunning and eye-catching appearance. The texture of the device is inspired by the classic look of terrazzo stone, while electroplated gold accents on the rear camera frame, tray pin, and charging cable add a touch of sophistication.

The Polestar Phone boasts a large 21:9 ratio display with 2K visual quality, providing users with an immersive viewing experience. The 91.5% screen-to-body ratio ensures that the display is the primary focus, offering a seamless and engaging visual experience for streaming content, gaming, and browsing photos.

Integrated AI support within the smartphone’s software offers optimization assistance, enhancing the overall user experience by anticipating needs and providing intelligent suggestions for battery life management and app settings.

The Polestar AI Phone is a collaborative effort between Polestar’s global design team and Meizu, a technology manufacturer that partnered with Polester in 2023. The gold accents on the smartphone subtly reference the design elements of the upcoming Polestar 4 vehicle in China, creating a cohesive aesthetic across Polester’s product line.

What OS Does It Run? 

The Polestar phone will run on Xingji Meizu’s FlyMe OS, an operating system that also appears in Polestar vehicles sold in China. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are not available in China. And Polestar, despite being a “Swiss Brand” is owned by Volvo which, in turn, is owned by Chinese car brand Geely. 

Polestar cars in the West – like the Polestar 2, for instance – run Android Automotive OS out the box, so it is tricky to see how models in the west will coexist with the Polestar phone if it runs on FlyMe OS. 

China’s phone market exists happily without Google services, with “Android” brands like Huawei and Xiaomi running their own suite of apps and even their own, custom versions of Android. With social media, you have Weibo and other native platforms. 

The Polestar phone, therefore, could well start life as a China exclusive and then, potentially, be rejigged with Android for western markets. As of right now, everything seems geared towards China – from the launch to the phone’s OS, so for now I think it is fairly safe to assume the Polestar phone will be a China-only release. 

Release Date

The AI smartphone is designed to serve as a companion to the Polestar 4 and its intelligent cockpit once the car is released, creating a seamless and connected experience for users. Full details of the AI smartphone will be unveiled at the Polestar Brand Night event in China on April 23rd, leaving tech enthusiasts eagerly awaiting more information on this innovative device.

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