Amazon developing larger Kindle Fire

News Paul Briden 10:06, 16 Jul 2012

Amazon is working on a bigger Kindle Fire tablet, according to reports

Amazon is further expanding its range of smart devices and is reportedly developing a new Kindle Fire with a larger form factor than the current model.

In recent months rumours have pointed to Amazon developing both a sequel model to the 7-inch Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire 2, and a smartphone which may also be part of the Kindle Fire brand.

Now it seems the company also has plans to compete directly with the Apple iPad and larger Android devices.

An article in the New York Times charting the new wave of tablets from Google, Microsoft, and of course Apple and Amazon, alleges that the Kindle creator is working on a new tablet with a bigger touchscreen than the original Kindle Fire, citing a developer ‘briefed on Amazon’s plans’ as the source.

It’s also not clear whether Amazon’s big Kindle Fire will be a 10.1-inch device or if it’ll more closely echo Apple’s slate at 9.7-inches.

Whether this larger slate will in fact be the Kindle Fire 2 or an additional model launched alongside is also an unknown factor, though if they do launch side-by-side there are rumours which suggest the Kindle Fire 2 could see a release as early as the end of July, though this is likely to be just in the US initially.

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