Key Takeaways [For People That Don’t Like To Read]

  • 📏 Larger displays for Pro models: 6.3-inch for iPhone 16 Pro and 6.9-inch for iPhone 16 Pro Max, offering a more immersive viewing experience.
  • 📸 New “Capture” button: Dedicated to taking photos and videos, supporting different pressure levels for focusing and capturing images.
  • 🎮 Expanded Action button: Customizable button available on all iPhone 16 models for various functions like launching apps, turning on the flashlight, or activating accessibility features.
  • 🚀 A-Series chip advancements: A18 chip built on a more advanced manufacturing process for improved performance and energy efficiency, with potential differences between Pro and non-Pro models.
  • 📷 Camera enhancements: Improved 48-megapixel Ultra Wide lens for better low-light performance, 5x periscope telephoto lens for greater optical zoom capabilities, and a new vertical camera layout for standard models.
  • 🌐 Wi-Fi 7 support: Faster speeds and lower latency compared to Wi-Fi 6, enabling seamless streaming, gaming, and file transfers on compatible routers.
  • 🎨 Seven exciting colors: The iPhone 16 lineup is expected to come in a range of appealing color options.

Can’t wait until late 2024 to upgrade? Here’s the iPhones you can buy right now – for every possible budget consideration.

The iPhone 16 series, set to be released in September 2024, is already generating plenty of hype with rumors and leaks about potential design changes, camera upgrades, and new features.

And AI, of course – it wouldn’t be a phone release without someone, somewhere mentioning bloody artificial intelligence.

As per Apple’s last few releases, there’ll be four models in the iPhone 16 series:

  • iPhone 16
  • iPhone 16 Plus
  • iPhone 16 Pro
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max

The Pro Max will be the priciest, with the iPhone 16 being the cheapest.

Here’s what you need to know about what’s coming to iPhone in 2024…

iPhone 16 Series: All The Biggest Changes & Updates

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Apple’s A18 Chipset 🚀

The iPhone 16 series is expected to be powered by the A18 chip, which is rumored to have an enhanced Neural Engine, improved heat management with graphene, increased RAM, and a supercharged 5G experience with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X75 modem for the Pro models.

Advanced AI Capabilities 🤖

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that more AI features will be integrated into the iPhone 16, with Apple’s answer to ChatGPT and Google Gemini being hard-baked into iOS 18.

The company has been said to be expanding its budget for building AI to “millions of dollars a day,” according to The Information, and is employing multiple teams working on LLMs (large language models) as it attempts to put the tech to use. The hope is that one day users would be able to automate tasks via Siri, which today have to be manually programmed, for example via the Shortcuts app. In addition, Siri could gain new AI skills, like being told to turn the last few photos a user has taken on their iPhone and text it to a friend, the report said.

Camera Updates Galore 📷

The iPhone 16 Pro models are rumored to feature a 48-megapixel Ultra Wide lens for stellar low-light performance, and a super telephoto periscope camera for jaw-dropping zoom capabilities.

WiFi 7 For Faster Speeds 🌐

With WiFi 7 support, the iPhone 16 series is expected to offer a smoother and more reliable internet experience than ever before.

Bigger Screens For Pro Models 📏

Pro users can look forward to larger display sizes, with the iPhone 16 Pro sporting a 6.3-inch screen and the iPhone 16 Pro Max boasting a massive 6.9-inch display.

Improved Battery Life 🔋

Innovations in battery technology could lead to stacked batteries for longer life and quicker charging times, along with design changes to accommodate these power upgrades.

iPhone 16 Pricing 💰

Apple’s iPhone 16 series is expected to follow a similar pricing structure to the iPhone 15 series, with prices starting at $799.99 for the base model iPhone 16.

  • iPhone 16: $799 / £799
  • iPhone 16 Plus: $899 / £899
  • iPhone 16 Pro: $999 / £999
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max: $1,199 / £1,199

What To Expect From Apple’s iPhone 16 Series

While the iPhone 16 series may not see dramatic changes in design compared to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series, there are numerous rumored updates and tweaks that could tempt potential users into Apple’s ecosystem.

Display Upgrades 📺

  • iPhone 16 Pro: 6.3-inch display (up from 6.1-inch)
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max: 6.9-inch display (up from 6.7-inch)

New Action/Capture Button 🎮

  • Dedicated “Capture” button for quick photo/video recording
  • Action Button expands to all iPhone 16 models

Next-Gen A-Series Chip 🧠

  • Built on 3nm N3E process for improved performance and efficiency
  • Expected to be called A18 Bionic

Camera Innovations 📸

  • Standard models get vertical camera layout for spatial video
  • Pro models get 48MP Ultra Wide lens for low-light improvements
  • Pro models could get 5x Tetraprism optical zoom lens

Design Changes 🎨

  • Pro models get pill-shaped camera bump
  • All use USB-C connectivity

AI/Software Enhancements 🤖

  • Advanced on-device AI features powered by iOS 18
  • Siri upgrades and potentially exclusive AI capabilities

Connectivity Upgrades 📡

  • Pro models may get Snapdragon X75 for 5G “Advanced”
  • Wi-Fi 7 for Pro, Wi-Fi 6E for standard models

Thermal Improvements ♨️

  • Use of graphene and other cooling solutions

Potential Price Increase 💸

  • To offset increased component costs

What’s Not Coming ❌

  • No iPhone 16 “Ultra” model planned as of now

Bottom Line

There’s a lot of potential changes and tweaks coming, the most notable of which is potentially Apple’s implementation of AI. Of course, with hardware, things are moving forwards as they always do. 

But there are some clangers present. Apple’s insistence on NOT bringing 120Hz ProMotion displays to its base model iPhones is now just starting to look petty (this tech is not an exclusive thing anymore; $200 Android phones run 120Hz displays). 

If you’re running an iPhone 15, as always, I don’t think the 16 series will be worth the upgrade. Me? I’m running the iPhone 13 still, so I’m ripe for a new iPhone, although my phone is running just fine so – for the time being – I don’t see myself changing it. 

Can’t wait until late-2024 to update? Check out our guide to the best iPhones you can buy in 2024 – it covers all budgets and user cases. 

iPhone 16 Latest News Time-Line

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