Microsoft demos Windows Phone 7 Mango People Hub

News Richard Goodwin 11:35, 21 Jul 2011

In the run up to the launch of Windows Phone 7 Mango, Microsoft has released an official video showcasing the new platform’s People Hub

Microsoft has released an official video that details the People Hub on its Windows Phone 7 Mango platform ahead of its UK rollout, which is scheduled to be happening sometime in September.

Looks wise, it’s all very much business as usual. There’s lots of cool looking Live Tiles and smooth animations. But there are some new additions to the People Hub in Mango.

One of which is the ability to set-up notification Live Tiles for contacts that can be pinned to your homescreen. This Live Tile will now act as a central port of call for that person. Facebook and Twitter are supported. And it’ll also notify you when your get emails, texts and calls from them too.

Tapping the card reveals every communication you’ve ever had with that contact, flick across and you can see their Facebook and Twitter statuses.

We really like what Microsoft has done with Windows Phone 7. It looks great, offers a completely new user experience, and is now really starting to separate itself from the crowd.

Couple this with all the other improvements that Microsoft is introducing in the Mango update (multitasking, improved browser, Twitter support etc) and you’ve got the makings of a seriously good platform.

We’re expecting big things from Windows Phone 7 Mango this year. The Nokia deal, for one, should increase the platforms profile ten-fold. Then there’s the new range of devices set to hit the market, like Samsung’s Galaxy S2-like handset and HTC’s up-and-coming devices.

2012 could be the year that Microsoft becomes a big presence in the global mobile markets.

Here’s the video of the People Hub:


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