Windows Phone Tango and Apollo coming after Mango rollout

News Clare Hopping 10:16, 29 Jun 2011

The next two Windows Phone updates will be Apollo and Tango, following the Mango update due very soon

Windows Phone Tango and Apollo will follow the launch of Mango.

According to Digitimes, Mango will begin shipping in Q4 of this year, followed by Tango in the future. No time scale has been suggested by Digitimes or any other source.

Nokia and Acer manufacturers Compal Communications signed a licensing deal with Microsoft, confirming it would build handsets running on Windows Phone Mango and Tango.

Tango will then be phased out in place of Apollo, Boy Genius Report says. Apollo is said to be landing towards the end of 2012.

As yet, there's no information about what will be in the updates, but we expect them to add some of the features coming in iOS5 that are still absent in Windows Phone Mango.

It's also not know whether the updates will be major, like the Mango update, or just bug fixes and speed improvements as with the minor update earlier in the year.

The leak comes as Nokia preps its first Windows Phone handset, rumoured to land on October 26.

Windows Phone Mango is a large update and features better social networking integration with Facebook and Twitter, improved live tiles, Local Scout and IE9 for exploring, whether you're looking for something in your local area or on the web.

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