Nokia X Now On Sale In India For INR 8,600

News Richard Goodwin 12:24, 12 Mar 2014

What Is The Nokia X? It's Android, Jim. But not as we know it...

Nokia has officially launched its line of Android-powered Nokia X brand handsets at MWC 2014. Three handsets were unveiled: the Nokia X, the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL. As expected all three devices are “budget” offerings, combining Nokia’s Lumia styling and mid-to-low-end specs. 

The Nokia XL is the largest handset with a 5in display. The XL will cost €109 once released and is joined by the 4in Nokia X+ (€99) and finally the Nokia X, which is the cheapest of the three with a retail price of €89 – although the latter will only be available in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America.

“With the Nokia X, we benefit from the Android app ecosystem. However, we have built on this, with the device introducing new people to Nokia apps and services. It also means Android developers can bring their apps to the Nokia family in just a few hours,” said Stephen Elop. 

“For developers, the Nokia X is a great way for developers to increase their revenues, and we will offer a bunch of different monetisation options.” 

The Nokia XL is the most hardware-centric device of the three. It has a 5in display, supports microSD and boasts both a 5MP and a 2MP camera, although with a price of just €109 it is still insanely cheap – even compared to the things like the Moto G. 

These new Nokia phones (like the Windows Phones before them) are conduits for Microsoft services. There’s no Google Play, Maps or Gmail contained inside. Instead you have things like OneDrive, Bing and Skype.

“The Nokia X takes people to Microsoft's cloud, not Google's cloud, which means Microsoft will be able to reach people it has never talked to, all around the world,” said Stephen Elop. 

Like BB10, however, Nokia’s forked version of Android can and will run Android applications, meaning users will (technically) have access to everything Android has to offer. Not too shabby – even more so when you consider how much these handsets cost.

“Nokia is also launching a slightly different app strategy by using a “fremium” model. Users can download and install all applications for free and buy them later, not to mention the carrier billing, allowing users to download and buy apps without the need for a credit card, which most user in Asia and Africa won’t have,” said Jeronimo. 

Nokia X Now Available In India & Malyasia 

The dual-SIM variant of the Nokia X is available from Nokia directly for INR 8,600 which works out as about £80 in the UK. Nokia’s most popular handset the Lumia 520 is currently available in the country for INR 7,700 – so it’s a little jump up to get your hands on an Android based handset.

The Nokia X+ and Nokia XL are now listed as “coming soon” but there is sadly no mention of how much they'll cost; although they'll definitely be more than the X. Similarly, the Nokia X has also arrived in Malaysia with a pretty low price tag – 399 RM (Malaysian Ringgit), which is around £73 or $120 US.

We still don't know about availability in the UK just yet; but that price does sound about right should it make its way over here, considering the specs. Nokia reps have told Know Your Mobile that of the three Nokia X models; the Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+, not all of them will be coming to the UK and it has not yet been decided which handsets will appear.

Nokia X Benchmarks

With its Windows Phone devices running IE10, Nokia's handsets have in the past clocked up impressively fast browsing speeds, so it's interesting to note that in Chrome, the Nokia X beat the Lumia 1020 with a score of 1885 compared to 1776.

It does, however, rank lower than a lot of other current models, including the Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5, Moto G, Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

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