How to delete all your text messages quickly on the Nokia 6120

User guides 13:48, 9 Oct 2007

How to empty your Nokia 6120 Classic's Inbox of old messages in seconds - no matter how many text messages are cluttering it up

One of the real pains of having a mobile phone is the time it takes to keep your messages in order. It can take ages to go through each message in your Nokia 6120's Inbox individually and delete them one by one.

But it doesn't have to be like that - there's is a quick and easy way to delete all the text messages from your Inbox in seconds!

Note: this is an all-or-nothing purge of your Inbox - if there are messages you want to keep, move them to My Folders by highlighting the message, clicking Options then Move to folder and then selecting My folders. It will be moved to the My folders area, leaving you free to zap the rest of your Inbox.

  1. In the main menu click on Messaging
  2. In the Inbox click on Options then select Mark/unmark, click the main navigation button and select Mark all
  3. You will see the Inbox with all the messages marked with a tick. Click on Options again and select Delete
  4. You will be prompted whether you want to delete all the messages. Click Yes to delete them. Your Inbox will no be completely clear

Note: if you change your mind about emptying your Inbox you can click on Options then Mark/unmark and then select Unmark all - but only before you've deleted the messages!

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