Changing themes on the Nokia 6210 Navigator

Themes 11:18, 23 Aug 2008

It's quick and easy to transform the look and feel of your Nokia 6210 Navigator by changing its theme - we show you how

Changing themes on the Nokia 6210 Navigator is a quick and easy way to transform the look and feel of your handset. With just a few button presses, you can completely alter your phone's appearance - changing menus, screensavers, wallpapers, and even ringtones.

Getting and installing a new theme on a phone is as easy as changing the ringtone. A theme is a package of elements that can be installed all in one go, making it easy to customise your mobile in one hit. What you get in a theme will depend on how it's been designed and who's created it. It could include wallpapers, screensavers, backgrounds, menu icons, alert tones, start-up noises and button tones, or just some of these elements.

Nokia supplies its mobiles with a selection of ready-made themes pre-loaded, so you can swap them as you choose. But you can also download additional themes, either from Nokia's download service - there are links available in the 6210 Navigator's menus - or from numerous third party services.

By downloading and installing new themes, you can personalise your handset to look and sound exactly how you want it to. There are a huge variety of themes available for Nokia phones - from football clubs to blockbuster movies, celebrities to fast cars, babes to bands, and pretty much aything else you could want on your phone.

There are numerous websites where you can browse and download themes over the air or online to your PC (which you can copy over to your phone via USB cable or Bluetooth). And many are available free of charge...

Installing a new theme
It's quick and easy to install a new theme on the Nokia 6210 Navigator, whether it's one already loaded onto the device by Nokia or one you have downloaded yourself.

  • Press the Nokia Menu key, on the left of the main navigation pad (Figure 1). This will take you into the main Menu.
  • In the main menu highlight Settings and press the central select key on the navigation pad (Figure 2).
  • In the Settings menu, highlight Themes and press select (Figure 3).
  • In the Themes menu, choose General and press the select key (Figure 4).
  • You will now see a list of the themes available on your phone, including the one you're currently using. Topping the list is Nokia's Download themes option (Figure 5).

You can preview the themes available on the phone before changing your existing theme, or if you already know which one you want to set, you can choose to set the new theme quickly without previewing it.

Setting the theme

  • If you already know which theme you want to install, simply scroll down to the name of the theme and click Apply to select (Figure 6).
  • When selected, the new theme will be installed in a second or two. You will be able to see straight away that the background to your menus has changed (Figure 7).

Preview first

  • To preview the theme first, in the Themes menu scroll down to the name of the theme you want to preview (Figure 6). Then press the Options softkey (bottom left of the display).
  • Highlight Preview (Figure 8) and press select. The theme will be displayed onscreen (Figure 9). You then have the options to press Set to set the theme or Back to return to the Themes menu.

Once the theme has been set, you can go back through the menus to see the changes. To get back to the new-look standby screen (Figure 10), simply press the call End key to the right of the navigation pad.

Also, You can quickly change the theme back to the original by following the same procedure, as all your themes will be stored on your phone for you to choose whenever the mood for a change takes you.


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