How to set a password on your Nokia Lumia 920

User guides 15:44, 18 Dec 2012

Security on an expensive smartphone is essential. In this guide we show you how to lock your Nokia Lumia 920 up safe and secure


  1. Open the ‘Settings' menu. To do this swipe from right-to-left to open the app library. Alternatively, you can scroll down to the bottom of the Start screen and tap the icon showing an arrow pointing to the right. Find the ‘Settings' icon and tap on it.
  2. Tap ‘lock screen’.
  3. Scroll down and flick the ‘Password’ toggle so that status says ‘On’ and the switch shows colour.
  4. Enter a password of your choice into both boxes using the keypad.
  5. Tap ‘Done’.


You will now have to enter your password to access the phone from the lock screen. You can set how often the password is required by altering the status in the ‘Require password after’ drop-down menu.

We recommend you set it to ‘each time’ for maximum security.

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