Nokia ‘Juggernaut’ lives up to its name in leaked video

News Paul Briden 10:12, 17 Dec 2012

Is Nokia gearing up to launch a giant Windows Phone 8 handset? A leaked video suggests as much

A video has leaked online of a new Nokia handset alongside the Lumia 820. The phone is reportedly the Nokia ‘Juggernaut’, a handset we’d heard of from leaked details ahead of the Windows Phone 8 launch in October.

While we’ve seen the name listed before, the device sort of fell by the wayside as more information emerged regarding other Windows Phone 8 handsets leading up to the platform launch.

The video was allegedly posted by Igor Shastitko from Microsoft Ukraine and it shows the new handset alongside a 4.3-inch Nokia Lumia 820 – by comparison it is vast and looks to be considerably bigger than even the Lumia 920, a controversially bulky phone in itself but one that is not actually much larger than the Lumia 820.

We don’t know if the Juggernaut title is simply referring to its sizable proportions or whether it’ll back the name up with hardware brawn in the processor department too. What is likely is that Juggernaut is simply a working codename and it’ll be re-branded to a number like the Lumia 820 and 920 before it hits the market.

The display appears to be at least 4.7-inches, possibly bigger, and allegedly sports a 800x480 pixel resolution, which will mean the picture quality won’t quite be up there with the premium set, unless Nokia has some trick up its sleeve.

An update to WPCentral’s coverage of the video claims that a translation of the commentary suggests the Juggernaut is simply a disguised Lumia 820 prototype rather than an entirely new model, which, if true, is frankly bizarre.

We hope it’s not and will bring you more as we hear it.

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