Nokia developing Windows RT tablet?

News 11:30, 4 Oct 2012

A picture of a Nokia-style Windows RT tablet has set the rumour mill into overdrive, suggesting the manufacturer is making a tablet after all

A render of a Nokia Windows RT tablet has got tongues wagging once again about the Finnish manufacturer developing a tablet.

The picture, which looks pretty fake to us, shows a Lumia 800-like device in blue with what looks like a Photoshopped Windows RT standby screen.

There looks to be five touch keys along one side, the centre which is a Windows Start key.

The tablet is perched at a quirky angle on a coffee table and doesn't look particularly like a Nokia lifestyle shot, especially as there's a Samsung TV in the background.

A Nokia tablet wasn't launched at the Windows Phone 8 unveil in New York last month, but this doesn't mean there isn't one in the pipeline at all.

Rumours at the beginning of the year suggested a range of Nokia-branded Windows 8 tablets would be launched in 2012 after Nokia's non-executive chairman Jorma Ollila let slip the company would release a range of tablets and hybrid smartphones.

Nokia's head of design Marko Ahitsaari has also hinted that a Windows 8-powered Nokia tablet is in the works in the past.

Only time will tell if Nokia is fit to enter into the tablet space. But the company could probably do with some luck after its stock value was downgraded by Credit Suisse.



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