Nokia 3310 Ringtones Avaliable On SoundCloud

Features James Peckham 15:48, 11 Feb 2014

Nokia have released all the sound effects from the classic Nokia 3310 online

Did you own a Nokia 3310? The handset was reliable, almost indestructible and most importantly featured Snake II. Nokia knows how much retro love there is for the 3310 handset and has uploaded all the ringtones from the device onto the internet.

You can now listen to the Nokia 3310 ringtones and remincse about the handset through the Nokia Design Team’s SoundCloud page.

There’s 35 tracks in total which only runs up to about 9 minutes of play time but it’s good fun to go through and listen to your old favourites.

Below you can listen to the best of the best, the formidable Nokia Tune.

Nokia registered the sound as a trademark in a number of countries and it was the first identifiable musical ringtone on mobile phones. It first appeared on the 2210 in 1994. It’s thought the song is heard 20,000 times per a second according to research carried out in 2010.

The excerpt is taken from a song called Gran Vals written by guitarist and composer Francisco Tarrega in 1902.

Then Executive Vice President of Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, took bars 13-16 away from the piece and made the iconic ringtone.

What was your favourite thing about the Nokia 3310? 

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