Huawei will unveil range of Windows Phone 8 handsets

News Paul Briden 11:28, 24 Sep 2012

Huawei will launch two Windows Phone 8 handsets on September 25

Huawei is gearing up to reveal a range of smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system.

According to reports, the company will be announcing its new ‘Ascend’ series on September 25, but unlike previous Ascend models which ran Android, these phones will be Windows based.

Current rumours suggest the first model to hit the market will be the Ascend W1, which will reportedly be a mid-range device, while the top-tier Ascend W2 will be on the same level as the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8X by HTC.

There’s no word on specs, although we don’t have long to wait as the launch will be tomorrow at time of writing.

It’s not a huge gamble to suggest that, like other Windows Phones, the Ascend W range will sport Qualcomm processors, specifically S4 dual cores if they’re following Nokia and HTC’s example.

There’s also the possibility of 4G LTE capability, as this is built into the Qualcomm architecture – but it’s also worth pointing out that EE announced it will be carrying a 4G enabled version of Huawei's Android-based Ascend P1, suggesting the companies are already talking and some deal could be struck.

Both the Ascend W1 and Ascend W2 are expected to be on the market in Europe, the US and Asia in time for Christmas.

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