Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Port listed on Google Play

News Richard Goodwin 15:47, 12 Feb 2013

The Wireless Charging Port for the Google Nexus 4 has appeared inside the Play store, there's no word on pricing or availability though

Google’s Nexus 4 Wireless Charging orb is now listed inside Google’s Play store, three months after the smartphone's launch. The Orb is priced at $59.99 in the US but Google has yet to confirm how much it will cost once launched in the UK. 

The Nexus 4 charging orb ships with both a micro USB cable and power cable. There’s no HDMI-port and no additional USB ports. It’s a wireless charging port like Nokia’s Wireless Charger and HP’s TouchStone, and nothing more.  

Here’s Google’s official description of the product: 

‘Charge your Nexus 4 wirelessly with this Qi inductive charger. Its angled surface provides easy visibility of your phone while charging. This elegant device was designed specifically for your Nexus 4 -- no clunky add-ons or accessories needed.’

Google’s Nexus 4 Wireless Charger - like Nokia’s Wireless Charger - is based the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard. Google says it takes approximately four hours to fully charge the Nexus 4 and the accessory is only available in black. 

Know Your Mobile has reached out to Google to find out more about pricing and availability in the UK. We’ll bring you more news as soon as we have it. 


'We have no details at the moment for a UK launch,' said Google's UK Press Office. 

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