Top 5 scariest mobile games ever

News Andrew Williams 18:30, 14 May 2009

Mobile games can be scary, and we're here to prove it with the Top 5 list of the scariest mobile games ever

The idea of a mobile game being scary may seem ridiculous, but some do manage to eke out a little tingle thanks to a creepy atmosphere and plenty of lingering baddies. We’ve put together the five that really got goodbumps riding all over the place when we played them.

In true horror fashion, there are plenty of undead involved, lots of dark corners, a feature-length selection of creepy plot mysteries and plenty of blood splattered about. Check out your network’s mobile games portal if you’re interested in getting your hands on any of these creepy games, but if they’re not available there, be sure to check out Mobile Games Unlimited or Jamster too.

  • Wolfmoon
    By Rovio
    You are Janet Cain, a detective sent to investigate a string of killings in Wade Creek, a forest with only a scattering of houses. You decide to have a look around, only to find yourself facing a pack of werewolves. Using a first person perspective, Wolfmoon manages to drag you into its world, which is a pretty creepy place. Time passes naturally in Wolfmoon too, but you don’t want to be stuck in the forest after nightfall.

  • Resident Evil The Missions
    By Capcom
    Conjuring up a pretty good impersonation of the early Resident Evil console games, Resident Evil The Missions lets you control a character fighting against a house full of zombies. With pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D character models, it was something of a revelation when it was originally released back in 2007. Although hardly cutting edge these days, it can still get the pulse going when you’ve got a gang of the undead bearing down on you, with only a couple of bullets left if your pistol.

  • Nowhere
    By In-fusio
    You’re up against zombies in Nowhere. You play as two characters, both trying to figure out exactly what links them together. As John, you roam around a zombie-filled world just trying to survive. As Lucas, you have to walk around, talking to people to try and find out exactly how you’re implicated into the undead mystery. Consistently unsettling and involving, Nowhere will have you reaching for a pillow to hide behind.

  • Silent Hill
    By Namco
    Another console favourite, Silent Hill successfully scaled down its scares for the small screen when it was released in 2007. Part adventure, part action game, you have to skip between two worlds- one normal and one horrific- in order to find out the secrets behind Silent Hill’s lost souls. The game also spawned a mobile sequel, Silent Hill 2, which also features the weird and creepy creatures that secured the original a place on this list.

  • Darkest Fear 2
    By Rovio
    Our favourite mobile horror series, the Darkest Fear games are hard to beat if you’re after a spot of horror gaming. The darkness is full of vile creatures, so your only chance of survival is in making sure you stay in the light. There are three games in the series, all of which are worth a play, but Darkest Fear 2 takes the top spot. Full of nightmarish creatures and creative puzzle gameplay, it’s worth the attention of any mobile gamer that’s not too afraid of the dark.


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