Galaxy S4-sized BlackBerry Z10 reboot now in testing

News Richard Goodwin 13:44, 14 May 2013

Next-generation BlackBerry Z10 now in testing, features Galaxy S4-sized display

BlackBerry fanatics looking for something with a bit more oomph rejoice, a 5-inch next-generation BlackBerry Z10 is now in testing in Canada. 

We know BlackBerry has plans for a few more devices before the year is out but up to now, with the exception of the BlackBerry R10, of course, we’ve heard very little about what these next-generation BlackBerry handsets will be like.

The company is now testing a 5-inch handset in Canada that features similar display proportions to the Samsung Galaxy S4. It sounds like a new flagship device and our source was confident that the unnamed handset would debut inside the next few months.

The source – a handset tester at a large Canadian network – said the large form BlackBerry 10-powered handset once launched would be the company’s rebuttal to big Android players like the HTC One and LG Optimus G Pro.

They didn’t mention any specific specs aside from the display, which they said was very similar in size and resolution to the panel used on the Galaxy S4. The source also said BlackBerry was looking to significantly improve battery performance with this handset, following complaints about the Z10’s endurance capabilities. 

If the launch does take place inside the next few months it’s entirely possible the handset will feature one of Qualcomm’s newer Snapdragon chipsets – either the Snapdragon 600, like the HTC One and Galaxy S4, or the soon to be released Snapdragon 800. 

Given BlackBerry’s track record – the Z10 and Q10 shipped with older S4 chipsets – it’s also possible the next-generation flagship could feature Qualcomm’s still-excellent-but-rather-old S4 Pro. For the sake of future proofing, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the 800.

More news as we get it.

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DAMN! Samsung is going down, son

Blackberry Z/Q10 wityh a dual core beats an s3 with a quad core by 5-6% this also doesn't take into account bb10 being smoother unless you root ICS.

So, the next gen will be fine. Numbers don't lie.

Is that in sjngle-threaded or multi-threaded tests? What about graphics performance?

That makes a big difference. Not that the Z10 isn't well optimized - just wanted to check the metrics used here. They gotta be accurate.

Just looked at geekbench. Z10 has an adreno 320 which I think is midrange. What's scary and cool, is that the s4 gets 3490 the same as core 2 duo.

I'd say DROID for games, Apple for simplicity, and bb10 for a bit of everything. Each has strengths, but BlackBerry has the best day to day exp. And communication. Security, Idk since consumers don't care.

Android for apps and games though since it has better hardware. However it's been a trend that android is less optimized. Bbos7 even shows that. Between an 800mhz single core like curve 9310 or the same speed android I'd choose the BlackBerry.

What tests are there to show like smoothness, I game on pc with a water cooled system. So touchscreen joy sticks or to games don't appeal to me. Poker on a phone is on, but I care more about how fast emails load, delete, etc. How fast active frames minimize, etc. Is bb10 a lot smoother than jelly bean/ touchwiz? I was going to get note 2 of the z10 was delayed past March in Canada but the thought of home buttons and multi task lists make me shudder now.

I'm in Canada as well! Small world. I would definitely agree that Android has been less optimized, and BB10 is ridiculously optimized. Remember, QNX used to design software for nuclear reactors and space shuttles. However, if you want to check out the smoothness and also the overall optimization of Android, I recommend a Nexus device. I've used the Z10 - it is fast AND smooth. But my mother has a Nexus 4 - Android has come a LONG way since the Gingerbread (2.3) days. Jelly Bean is FAST. VERY fast. I see nary a stutter, everything is buttery smooth on her Nexus and very responsive. It is the fastest phone I've ever used before, including the iPhone (at least, from my personal experience. I am not an iPhone owner). Everything loads very quickly, too. If you care about 4G, though, it only has 3G (and HSPA+, if you tweak a phone setting.)

Since Google I/O, they have also updated their chat services to be compatible across PC, iOS, and Android (Hangouts) as well as allowing PDF and EPUB reading of your personal titles through Google Play Books by uploading your own stuff. The software is only getting better. The chat is not quite BBM quality - I've only heard fantastic things about BBM - but it IS already at the multiplatform stage. BBM is coming there this summer.

The Nexus doesn't have buttons, either - it's onscreen. When you rotate the display, the buttons change orientation. The menu buttons are on-screen, depending on the application. The permanent buttons include Home, Multitasking, and Back (which changes to a 'down carat' whenever you open the keyboard). Gestures include swiping up from the nav-bar (where the buttons are) to access Google Now, and swiping to access app menus, dismiss notifications, expand notifications, access the Quick Settings bar, etc.

The multitasking isn't quite Z10 level, though. You can listen to YouTube, take a video, listen to music, and play a game at the same time without pausing an app on the Z10. While you can have background YouTube players and music on Android at the same time, you can't take video/pictures at the same time.

You can take a look on Google Play, I'm in Canada too. Its $350 unlocked for the 16GB, and $299 for the 8GB.

Why, because BB is making a device with a 5 inch screen? If BB's trend so far continues, the stats of this new "flagship device" will never be able to stack up. Both the Z10 and Q10 fail to match even iPhone 4S and Galaxy SIII in specs. If they can match the current market, then I'll be impressed. Until then, it's all talk from a dying breed.

I work as a Business Analyst in the Telecom industry. I deal with all the the major mobile providers in Canada. I work with Engineers, and Q&A people on a daily basis. If there was a large Canadian network testing a new handset from Blackberry, I would know about it. This article claiming Blackberry is currently undergoing testing of a 5" device with a Canadian carrier is BS.

Fail to match the 4S in specs? What the???

4S-- 330 ppi, 512 MB RAM, dual core 1 GHz CPU, 1432 mAh battery, VGA front camera, 8 MP back, f/2.4.

Z10-- 355 ppi, 2 GB RAM, dual core 1.5 GHz CPU, 1800 mAh battery, 2 MP front camera, 8 MP back, f/2.2.

Those are just the basics and it also out specs the iPhone 5, Lumia 920, Lumia 928 and yes the Galaxy SIII by a hair as well. The Z10 and Q10 are legit 2013 phones, and they still will release the spec beast later in the year. Where do you get your strange facts?

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