Clearest BlackBerry 10 L series pictures yet leak

News Clare Hopping 08:10, 12 Dec 2012

The latest BlackBerry 10 L series leaked shots have leaked onlie and show a textured backplate

More pictures of RIM's BlackBerry 10 L series handset has leaked online and these show it without the low resolution blur we' ve seen elsewhere.

The photos, courtesy of Vietnamese website show what looks like a power button on the top of the device, volume keys on one side with a central (we assume unlock or select) button in the middle and a microUSB and another port on the other side.

On the textured back panel, there's the obligatory RIM logo and a camera in the top left corner.

The front shows mostly screen (probably around 4.3 inches) with a matte black bar at the bottom and top.

NFC is packed in, as demonstrated by the chip built into the backplate, and the device will use an 1800mhAh battery.

There aren't any screenshots of the device - this leak seems to focus solely on the hardware and doesn't show off any BlackBerry 10 features.

The launch of the L series of BlackBerry 10 handsets has been described by some as RIM's last chance in the hardware space, while others think it's a waste of the Canadian manufacturer's time even releasing BlackBerry 10.

This latest leak is very different to the developer device RIM is giving out with a very BlackBerry-esque Qwerty keyboard 

In fact, the L series, if these pictures are to be believed, is almost identical to the iPhone 5 which could be another court victory under Apple's belt.

The BlackBerry 10 L series along with the new OS is due to launch in January 2013.

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