iPhone 6 camera to feature advanced colour correction?

News Clare Hopping 09:34, 24 Apr 2013

The iPhone 6's camera may the most advanced white balance yet, colour correction and colour balance according to filed patents

More iPhone 6 patents have been leaked, relating to the camera of the device.

Patently Apple revealed the iPhone 6 would include a much more advanced camera than it predecessor devices.

First up, colour correction and balance.

Colour correction and colour balancing would adjust the colours in an image to render specific colours as perfectly as possible when compared to the real object or scene of which the picture was captured. Essentially, Apple's colour balancing and correction would ensure that in the picture of the green field you just took, the green of the grass in the picture matches up exactly to the green in the photograph.

Another notable place where this could be used is with white balancing. The example Patently Apple gives is with white piece of paper. The white of a piece of paper would look a different colour according to whether you're under a fluorescent light (more yellow) or outside in the sunshine (more blue). Apple's technology would ensure this is always taken into account and the colours are corrected as necessary to ensure the colours are correct whatever you're taking a picture of.

The first patent relates to creating a Novel Chromaticity Space. It's a bit complicated, so Patently Apple has provided a graphic to help you understand. Figure 1 is how images are usually processed, figure to is how Apple will be doing it and figure 3 goes some way to explain how Apple hopes to implement the Novel Chromacity Space.

The second and third patents go some way to get rid of the issues of using auto white balance, which sometimes goes a little awry. The first way Apple hopes to make white balance more accurate is by Alleviating Dominant Color Failure and the second by using Noise-Optimized Selection Criteria to Calculate Scene White Points.

The final patent refers to Multi-Illuminant Color Matrix Representation and Interpolation Based on Estimated White Points. Essentially, this means Apple's camera will detect where the white points are and apply this colour correction to the rest of the image.

For the full set of explanatory diagrams, please check the full, hyper-technical story out on Patently Apple.

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