The iPhone XR is one of Apple’s best-selling iPhones of ALL TIME. Get the best deal on the iPhone XR today by comparing thousands of offers from the UK’s biggest and best phone networks…

Best iPhone XR Deals & Offers – Contract Plans

Buying The iPhone XR – What You Need To Know

The iPhone XR is now a couple of years old. The XR (and the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max) were replaced by the iPhone 11 range in 2019. Not that this should concern you; all three of these phones are still great options in 2020 and beyond.

Apple’s software support for its iPhones is legendary; it will provide a steady stream of iOS updates to its iPhones, old and new, for the best part of 6-7 years, so if you buy an iPhone XR contact today, you’ll still be getting full support from Apple by the late-2020s.


This means, when it comes to iPhone, you don’t always have to buy the newest model. All iPhones offer the same core experience, and it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the iPhone XR or the iPhone 8 – they all run on the same platform. The XR is a great phone that is now a lot cheaper than before; you can pick up the iPhone XR from as little as £35 a month.

Because of the age of the phone, and the fact that the iPhone 12 is coming in a few months, networks are offering some truly inside iPhone XR deals and offers. Previously, this phone would have cost you £50-£60 a month on contract but now, thanks to a raft of iPhone XR sales, you can get it for better than half that money.

Why The iPhone XR Rocks – Key Points

  • Apple’s A12 Chipset is Phenomenally Powerful
  • The iPhone XR is Available In A Range of Colors – Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Coral, and Red
  • You Get FACE ID & Apple’s Modern Design Language
  • You’ll Get iOS Updates Into The Late 2020s
  • Available With Tons of Epic Data Options
  • Most Major UK Networks Carry The Phone
  • Way Cheaper on Contract Than iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro

Finding The Best iPhone XR Deal For You…

When it comes to iPhone XR deals, you have A LOT of potential options. The iPhone XR is an immensely popular phone, so it is carried by most major UK networks. This means you basically have your pick of the litter – you can go with EE, Vodafone, Three, O2, or smaller networks like iD or Tesco.

Whatever network you end up going with, however, you’ll want to make sure you get the best possible deal with respect to data allowances.


You DO NOT want to go any lower than 10GB of data per month. Sure, you’ll find super-cheap iPhone contracts with 5GB of data per month, but they’re simply not worth it – you’ll go over and get charged.

In the end, cheap iPhone contract deals end up costing more in the long run through surcharges for going over your data allowances. You do not want this, so shop accordingly – get an iPhone XR offer with at least 10GB of data per month. Ideally, you’ll want anywhere from 20GB to Unlimited just to be sure.

Best iPhone XR Data Plans

As you can see in the table up top, we have options to filter all the current iPhone XR deals by Networks, Upfront Cost, Data, and Monthly Cost. If you use these filters, you can set it to only view offers for the iPhone XR with 10GB+ or 30GB+ a month.

The filters are automatically set to ONLY show deals that have 10GB+ a month – we did this for the reasons discussed above. Although feel free to browse the 4GB+ deals for iPhone XR, I just wouldn’t recommend you go with any of these.

With 10GB+ a month data, you can expect to pay anywhere from £35 to £45 a month for your iPhone XR contract. Go up to 30GB+ and you’re looking at anywhere from £44 a month for 75GB from EE to £45.99 per month for Unlimited Data from Tesco (that’s a great deal by the way; it’s better than half the price of the iPhone XR w/ unlimited data from Three).

Moral of the story? It pays to use the filters on the tool above because the deals for the iPhone XR are always changing. If you use the filters for data, for instance, you’ll be able to view the best current deals for the iPhone XR on offer right now from all the UK networks. And this will then help you find and select the best value deal.

Take the Three vs Tesco Mobile example from earlier; Three’s Unlimited iPhone XR offer will cost you £86 a month. Go with Tesco and you’ll get exactly the same amount of data (Unlimited) for £45 a month – that’s a MASSIVE difference, and you’d only find out about it by using the filters!

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