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Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Deals 

Why The Samsung Galaxy S20?

As you’re probably well aware, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is just one handset inside Samsung’s S20 stable. You also have the Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra to consider as well.


So why would you get the Galaxy S20 over these other handsets?

The first reason is the price; the Galaxy S20 is cheaper. The second is that most people will not need anything more than the Galaxy S20; it is an insanely powerful phone with killer specs. The S20 Ultra and S20 Plus, while also great, for the most part, are just overkill.

If you only use your phone for web browsing, social media, and taking photos and IM, do you really need additional RAM and processing power? Not really. If this is the case, why would you pay more for something you’re not going to use? You wouldn’t, obviously, so for this reason, we always recommend the base model to our readers.

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Data Deal?

When it comes to phone contracts, data is king. It is also the #1 thing you need to be most mindful of – you want to plan accordingly, so you’re not left wanting towards the end of every month.

Basically, DO NOT get a low data plan. Yes, they might look appealing with their lower monthly costs but they’ll cost you more in the long run through charges which will be applied to your account when you go over your limit.


For this reason, you’ll want to go no lower than 10GB when picking a phone plan. 10GB is the absolute minimum. Ideally, you’d go for 20GB, 30GB 50GB, or even unlimited data. The higher the better, basically.

Higher data plans cost more, of course, so you need to find the sweet spot, the place where you’re happy with the amount of data, and how much it costs. A lot of users aim for 20GB to 30GB; this ensures they ALWAYS have enough data and can use their phone all they want.

Whatever you do, please, for the love of God, DO NOT go with a data plan that offers 5GB. You’ll burn through it in no time. And this means charges, or, if you switch data off, a pretty useless £999 phone in your pocket.

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Contract Length – 18, 24, or 30 Months?

As with data, you need to think long and hard about how long you want your contract to run for. A 36-month contract is ALWAYS going to be cheaper than a 24-month contract, and that’s fine, but do you really want to be running the Galaxy S20 for three years? When Samsung itself only supports its handsets for 18-24 months? I think not.

For this reason, your best bet is to go with 12 months if you can afford it and 24 months if 12 months is too much of a stretch. Like 5GB data plans, you want to avoid 36 months plans like the plague. Unless it’s an iPhone, then you’re all good because Apple supports its hardware for years at a time, so if you got the iPhone 11 Pro, you would still be getting iOS updates in 2027.

With Samsung, you’ll be lucky to get Android 13 in 2022…