Apple and Google pick up Kodak patents together

News Paul Briden 10:34, 10 Dec 2012

Apple and Google have joined forces to buy over 1,000 Kodak digital photography patents

In a somewhat surprising act of cooperation, rival giants Google and Apple have jointly acquired a package of Kodak photography patents for a cool $500 million (about £312 million).

The deal will ensure that both companies can use Kodak’s 1,100 imaging patents in their future projects.

We’re not sure exactly what those patents are for, however. The parties involved are keeping the deal private and all current knowledge is based on word from Bloomberg’s sources ‘familiar with the matter,’ who ‘asked not to be identified because the process is private.’

At this point there’s no way of knowing whether the patents include the kind of tech you might expect to find in smartphones and tablets, but given that Apple and Google are interested it seems fairly likely.

While it might seem odd for two competitors to work together in this way, reports from commentators suggest the pair are doing so in a bid to avoid legal disputes and licensing at a later date.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Kodak technology Apple and Google will bring to the table.

Currently Sony appears poised to take the camera-phone space by storm as it has already begun selling its new Exmor RS back-illuminated sensor (BSI) range to third parties.

Meanwhile, reports suggest many next-generation handsets will be sporting Sony's technology, including the next iPhone and the next Samsung flagship, the rumoured Galaxy S4, amongst others.

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