Windows Phone to overtake Apple by 2015

News Ben Griffin 11:12, 5 Sep 2011

Analysts are predicting it will take the Windows Phone 7 platform three years to surpass the mighty iOS

Windows Phone 7 will overtake Apple's iOS platform by 2015 to take the number two spot in the global standings, claims industry experts.

Microsoft's mobile operating system will reportedly have a 20.3 per cent market share by 2015, pushing iOS into third place, according to research by Gartner and IDC.

The report also says Apple will only maintain a 17 per cent slice of the mobile pie whilst Android will maintain a healthy lead of 49 per cent.

At IFA 2011, Achim Berg, head of Windows Phone 7 marketing, told Bloomberg: 'This is a completely new platform, it takes time. It took time with Android, it took time with Apple. We have to show that we’re very capable and that we have the fastest and easiest phone.'

Although Motorola has yet to get involved with Windows Phone 7, the company will entertain the idea if the platform proves successful. HTC has just announced two impressive offerings, the Radar and Titan.

And with HTC's current popularity, it seems likely the mainstream will start to appreciate it. Nokia's partnership with Microsoft will also play a big part in its perception on a global scale as well.

President of HTC Europe Florian Seiche told Bloomberg: 'We’re seeing an extremely positive response [to the operating system]. We’re now thinking that this year is a great time to get that momentum accelerated, to reach out to a broader group of customers.'

20.3 per cent market share by 2015 may seem a bold (and oddly precise) prediction, but it's actually quite reserved in comparison with what Pyramid Research believes - Windows Phone will actually surpass Android by 2013.

Microsoft has yet to announce the arrival of the much-anticipated Mango update, which adds multitasking, barcode scanning and a full IE9 HTML 5 browser and many other features, but sources have pointed towards a mid-September release. We're not quite so sure it will be so soon as Microsoft has told us to wait about a month.

If you've not seen Windows Phone 7 or Mango in action, keep scrolling down.

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