Best Windows Phone games for five-minute bouts of fun

Features Ben Griffin 11:40, 20 Apr 2012

We take a look at some of the best Windows Phone games for when your time is limited

As you get older, it seems as if time just doesn't want to play ball, which makes playing video games, avoiding chores and finishing that novel a lot harder to make time for.

Fortunately, mobile games make playing video games more of a possibility because your mobile phone is usually always on you, and the average mobile game is designed for short bursts of action.

So without any more talk, here's five of the best we've been playing in recent times.

This game really is barking up the wrong tree. Almost literally, in fact, because the aim of the game is to direct a red squirrel up a tree, avoiding branches and collecting nuts. Just a typical day, then.

As what you call an 'infinite game', Squirrel never ends - it just speeds up as your score increases to a point where it's more about collecting nuts to survive just one more collision. And that's why we love it, because anyone can enjoy it and the score-chasing aspect becomes very addictive. There's always a reason to give it one more run.


Mobile game emulators aren't exactly accessible, but modern-day technology has made playing classic games from consoles like the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) incredibly easy.

In the case of vNESLight, all you need to do is source what is known as the ROM - it's effectively a digital copy of the original game - and then drop it into your SkyDrive folder. You get 25GB free with Windows Phone so every reason to use it.

Once done, you can load up the vNESLight to enjoy games from the nineties like Super Bat Puncher or Kirby's Adventure - only this time you can save the game and return any time, making it perfect when time is limited.

vNESLight emulator

iStunt 2
Miniclip's iStunt 2 is the sequel to an office favourite, and it's just as good as before. The idea is to guide a snowboarder down a slope, collecting stars and using boosts to gain speed whilst avoiding crashing.

This is done with tilt controls, a steady hand and lots of patience because iStunt 2 is one tough cookie. Fortunately, you can bust out the odd snowboard grab to score points to keep your mind off the almost insurmountable challenge ahead.

With a ton of levels on offer and awesome visuals, iStunt 2 is well worth five minutes of anyone's time.

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