This is the best Google Pixel 6a deal I’ve seen online so far – you can save an additional 10% on an already very affordable phone… 

The Google Pixel 6a is one of the best value Android phones on the market right now. Google really hit it out of the park with the 6a, bringing solid performance, a great camera module, and plenty of smarts thanks to the phone’s Tensor CPU. 

Are there caveats? Of course. But as we noted inside our Pixel 6a review, the downsides to running this phone are far outweighed by the positives. The most notable of which are, of course, the Pixel 6a’s software, its camera tech, its overall usefulness and AI smarts, and its compact design. 

And right now, you can save 10% on the Pixel 6a via Amazon; this deal – which will not last long, according to Amazon – knocks the price down to $314 from $349.99 which is quite a decent saving. 

Google Pixel 6a

Save 10% on the Pixel 6a via Amazon; this deal – which will not last long, according to Amazon – knocks the price of the Pixel 6a down to $314 from $349.99 which is quite a decent saving.

07/17/2024 05:59 am GMT

Why We Love The Pixel 6a

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The Google Pixel 6a is a standout device in the current market. This model features Google Tensor, the first chip designed specifically for Pixel devices, resulting in a significant increase in processing speed and security.

The phone’s design is streamlined, with a bar form factor and an impressive 20:9 aspect ratio. It boasts a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, providing superior visual quality on a bright and sharp screen.

Plus, as an unlocked Android 5G phone, the Pixel 6a works with various carriers including Google Fi, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and others, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred service provider and data plan.

Battery life is optimized with the Pixel’s fast-charging feature. The device adapts to your usage patterns, preserving power for the applications you use most. Even when the battery is low, it charges rapidly, ensuring minimal downtime.

The Pixel 6a’s 12-megapixel camera, enhanced with tools like Magic Eraser, Motion Mode, and Portrait Mode, allows for high-quality photography. The Google Tensor chip facilitates speedy app launches, rapid page and image loading, and smooth operation.

A standout feature is Live Translate, which allows for real-time translation of live video captions, private chats, messages, and signs in up to 55 languages, providing indispensable aid for international communication.

The Pixel 6a is rated IP67 for water and dust resistance, making it a robust choice for those who lead active lives.

The Google Pixel 6a’s remarkable features, its superior processing capabilities, its reliable camera, and compact design make it a compelling choice. The current offer on Amazon, which reduces the price of the Pixel 6a to $314 from its regular $349.99, makes it a damn-near perfect proposition for anyone looking for excellent value for money in 2023.

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