The Snapchat Best Friends feature displays the 8 people you interact with the most on the app, based on your messaging and snapping activity.

  • Easy Interaction 💬 – Chatting and snapping with Best Friends on Snapchat is effortless, making your social media experience smooth and enjoyable.
  • Stay on Top 🔝 – Best Friends’ stories often get priority in your feed, keeping you closely connected.
  • Flexibility ✂️ – You have the control to modify your Best Friends list, adding or removing friends as needed.
  • Strengthen Bonds 🤝 – Effectively using the Best Friends feature can significantly enhance your friendships.
  • Emoji Language 😊 – Snapchat uses emojis to visually represent the level of your friendships.
    • Red Heart ❤️ – Marks two weeks as mutual top friends.
    • Yellow Heart 💛 – Indicates you’re each other’s number one friend.
    • Smiley Face 😃 – Shows a shared mutual best friend.
    • Super BFF 🌟 – Celebrates two months as mutual top friends.

Ever wondered who you chat with the most on Snapchat? That’s where the Best Friends list comes in. It shows the top eight people you interact with the most, based on snaps, chats, and story views. While it’s great for keeping tabs on close friends, it can sometimes stir up drama or jealousy.

Snapchat Best Friends Feature

Interacting with your Best Friends on Snapchat is a breeze. You can send them snaps or messages, and their stories often pop up first in your feed. If you ever want to change things up, you can easily remove or hide someone from this list.

Understanding and using this feature effectively can be a game-changer in maintaining strong friendships. And best of all? You don’t need a Snapchat Plus account to access it.

Friend Emojis: Decoding the Signs

Snapchat uses cute emojis to show how close you are with your friends. These emojis appear next to their names and reflect your interaction level.

  • Red Heart: You’ve been each other’s top friend for two weeks.
  • Yellow Heart: You’re each other’s number one friend.
  • Smiley Face: You share a mutual best friend.
  • Super BFF: You’ve been top friends for two months.

Managing Your List

Customizing your Best Friends list is simple. Access your profile, tap the gear icon, and head to “Manage” under “Additional Services.” Here, you can pin a friend as your #1 or adjust the list as you see fit.

Snapstreaks: The Fun Side of Friendship

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Snapstreaks are a fun and engaging aspect of Snapchat’s Best Friends feature. They revolve around sending daily snaps to a particular friend, creating a ‘streak’ that counts the consecutive days of interaction.

Each day you send a snap to your Best Friend, and they reciprocate, your Snapstreak number increases, proudly displayed beside a fiery emoji. It’s a visual representation of your ongoing communication, almost like a friendly competition to see how long you can keep the streak alive.

The charm of Snapstreaks lies in their simplicity yet their ability to add an extra layer of interaction to your Snapchat experience. They encourage daily engagement with your closest friends, turning everyday messaging into a playful challenge. Just like Snapchat Planets does – although that’s a little different.

  • However, maintaining a Snapstreak requires commitment.
  • If either you or your friend fails to send a snap within a 24-hour window, the streak vanishes, resetting your count back to zero.
  • This time-sensitive nature adds a sense of urgency and excitement to the process, making each snap you send a small but significant part of keeping your shared digital bond alive.

Snapstreaks can become a daily ritual, a reason to connect and share a piece of your day, no matter how mundane or extraordinary it might be. Or, it could just become super-annoying which is why, like most things in life, all streaks eventually come to an end.

Snapchat Best Friends FAQs

  • How are Best Friends determined? Snapchat’s algorithm looks at your interaction frequency and duration.
  • What’s the maximum number of Best Friends? You can have up to eight Best Friends.
  • Does chat activity affect Best Friends status? Absolutely! Frequent chatting can bump someone up on your list.
  • What does the 😊 emoji mean? It shows up when you share a mutual Best Friend with someone.
  • What happens when you pin a #1 BFF? They stay at the top of your list, and you get notified of their snaps.

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