Samsung Galaxy S10 Spotted In The Flesh


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We’ve already seen what the Samsung Galaxy S10 looks like thanks to leaks relating to third-party cases for the upcoming handset, but now we’re getting our first glimpse of the device in the flesh, thanks to one of those leaks that always seem to happen just before a high-profile phone hits the market.

Evan Blass – a man with a solid track record for leaking phones – has posted an image online that shows the S10’s ‘hole-punch’ screen and tiny, tiny bezels. As was hinted at by the S10 screen protector leak (also from today), the bezels are barely there at all, but there are still noticeable gaps at the top and bottom of the screen. The ‘chin’ at the bottom appears to be larger than the one at the top.

Blass states that the phone shown in this image is the standard version of the Galaxy S10. As we’ve already been told, a cheaper version is expected to launch alongside this edition, and there will also be a ‘Plus’ variant with a larger screen and (it is rumoured) four cameras. Samsung is also understood to be working on a 5G model which will see a limited release around the world (which is understandable as 5G won’t be in every market, even at the end of 2019).

Samsung has dubbed this screen the ‘Infinity-O’ and it’s just one of several screen types the company is using to combat the growing trend for notches, as popularised by the iPhone X.

While we’ve very little to reason to doubt this and the many other leaks that have surrounded the (still unannounced) S10, we’ll find out for sure what it looks like next month, as Samsung traditionally reveals its flagship devices in February.

In the meantime, we’re sure there will be other leaks relating to this phone, and the other S10 variants that Samsung has planned. The real shock is going to be what the company’s mooted folding phone looks like – that’s expected to launch this year as well, alongside the inevitable Note 10 release.

The irony is that despite Samsung’s efforts to fight the notch, Apple’s design choice has inspired countless Android phone makers to create their own copycat handsets; even the mighty Google put a notch on its flagship Pixel 3 XL.

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