Is The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof?

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus, despite not being the newest flagship model, is still incredibly popular. But is it waterproof? Let’s find out…

The short answer to this question is, yes – the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S10, is waterproof. Both phones have an IP rating of 68. And, as anyone that knows their IP ratings will tell you, IP68 is about as good as it gets on mobile phones. Not a Samsung user? iPhones also offer varying levels of water-resistance.

With an IP68 certified mobile phone, you can submerge the phone in water – up to 1.5 meters – for up to 30 minutes. This means you can take your Galaxy S10 Plus in the bath, in the pool, and even in the sea. Just make sure you don’t keep it underwater for longer than 30 minutes though!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproofing Features

We’ve covered the basics above, establishing that, yes, the Galaxy S10 Plus is indeed waterproof. But there’s quite a bit more to waterproofing technology than meets the eye, so if you want more details on the specifics of the Galaxy S10’s waterproofing, read on…

How Long Can Galaxy S10 Stay Under Water?

With its IP68 rating, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus can stay underwater for 30 minutes. That means you could technically throw it in the bath, walk away, and watch an episode of Archer, come back, retrieve the phone from the water, and it would still be 100% functional.

Should you try this? Absolutely not – most phones, including Samsung ones, are not covered for water damage, so if you do damage your phone testing out its waterproofing-capabilities, it might just void your warranty, so, as always, it is best to use caution in this regard.

Case in point: I had an iPhone XS Max a year or two back, I got it wet, and it broke the FACE ID camera. And that phone is meant to be IP68 waterproof. On paper, it is. But in reality, things can behave differently, so be careful!

How Deep Under Water Can The Galaxy S10 Go?

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, you have an IP rating of 68. This means you can submerge the phone in UP TO 1.5 meters of water. Could it do more? Sure. Should you try it? No – see the above paragraph for why.

IP68 means it has been tested and rated to be functional after 30 minutes in 1.5 meters of water. 1.5 meters is fairly deep too; it’s around five feet in height, so this should cover almost all eventualities – from the ocean to the swimming pool and bath.

Again, it is definitely not worth trying your luck and submerging the Galaxy S10 in deeper water. It’ll probably be fine, but do you REALLY want to risk it?

Are All Galaxy S10 Models (Inc. Galaxy S10e) Waterproof?

I know we’ve focussed on the Galaxy S10 Plus in this post, but all of the above does apply to ALL of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 models – from the standard Galaxy S10 to the entry-level Galaxy S10e (which is still one of my favorite phones of all time).

All of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range has IP68 waterproofing, so they’re all good if you happen to drop one in a body of water.

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Is The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof?

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