Is This What The Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Look Like?


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Outside of Apple, Samsung is perhaps the only company working in the smartphone arena that can stop people in their tracks when it comes to hardware announcements, and this year, the South Korean firm is working on not one but two massive projects – the Galaxy S10 and its highly-anticipated folding phone.

While the folding device – which some are referring to as the ‘Galaxy X’ – is perhaps more of an experiment and could create a whole new market for folding handsets, the Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s equivalent of the iPhone, and represents is most important yearly smartphone release. It’s going to be the biggest news from the company for 2019, put it that way.

Given that the Galaxy S8 introduced the revolutionary ‘Infinity Display’ and – if you believe Samsung’s hype – kickstarted the trend for all-screen handsets, we’d expect the S10 to be something pretty special (the S9 was like an update of the S8 so Samsung is overdue for a big design breakthrough). But what does the company have planned? Well, we may have gotten our best hint yet thanks to a leak on a Chinese tech site.

Before you get too excited, this doesn’t relate directly to the S10, but is a leak of Samsung’s new Galaxy A8s, a middleweight update of the Galaxy A8, one of the firm’s mid-range challengers. The phone will be aimed at the Chinese market initially and could come with a Snapdragon 660 or 670 chipset, alongside 6GB of RAM and a triple camera configuration.


What makes this leak really interesting is that the Galaxy A8s appears to be using Samsung’s next-gen Infinity Display, which is rumoured to be coming in four (count ’em) flavours. Infinity U has a teardrop-style notch not entirely dissimilar to the one seen on the recently-released OnePlus 6T, while Infinity V has a V-shaped notch instead. Based on these leaked images, it’s likely that Infinity U will be the one included on the Galaxy A8s.

The Infinity O and New Infinity Displays are perhaps the ones that Samsung is most likely to include on the Galaxy S10, however. The O has a single cut-out which is rumoured to be placed on the left-hand side of the screen, while New Infinity has no notch at all. How Samsung will achieve this remains to be seen, but it will make quite an impact, should it be true.

Even so, the Galaxy A8s gives us our first tantalising glimpse of Samsung’s smartphone future; the company is clearly going all-in with the concept of an all-screen phone and if it can make the New Infinity Display a solid reality then the likes of Apple, Sony, Google and HTC really have a fight on their hands.

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