Miss The iPhone Home Button? Hate FACE ID? Get An iPhone SE 2020!

It’s official: TouchID is dead and it’s not coming back on Apple’s flagship iPhones. But what if you miss TouchID and Apple’s Home button? You’re not ALONE… UPDATE: April 2020 – iPhone SE 2020 Launches, Replaces iPhone 8 Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were two of its best…

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iPhone SE 2020… Or, Refurbished iPhone XR? Tough Call!

Apple’s iPhone SE 2020 retails for £419 in the UK, but you can now pick up a refurbished iPhone XR for £439.99 which is only slightly more – so which should you go for? The iPhone XR is Apple’s best-selling iPhone for the last several years. The handset, which launched alongside…

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What’s An iPhone VPN? Everything You Need To Know

You may have heard the term VPN thrown around in conversation or seen it mentioned in articles online, but just what is a VPN and how does it relate to the iPhone? Simply put, a “VPN” stands for “virtual private network” and the VPN is just a secure connection of…

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Phones With 120Hz Displays: A Complete List (Updated)

If you’re due an upgrade in 2020 and beyond, and you want a phone with a 120Hz display, you’ll want to check out this list – it details ALL phones that feature displays with 120Hz refresh rates… Right now, when it comes to phones with 120Hz refresh rates, you have just…

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