The OnePlus 13 will get a release in China later this year and a global release in early 2025. Here’s what we currently know about its specs…

OnePlus 13 Specifications (Rumors)

According to recent leaks, the OnePlus 13 is shaping up to be a formidable contender in the flagship smartphone market.

Here’s a breakdown of what we might expect:

FeatureRumored Specification
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 4
Display6.8-inch 2K LTPO “micro-curved” screen
Main Camera50MP
Ultrawide Camera50MP (possibly new Sony IMX882 sensor)
Telephoto Camera50MP with 3x optical zoom (possibly new Sony IMX882 sensor)
Charging100W wired

Processing Power: Leading the Pack

At the heart of the OnePlus 13 is expected to be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip. This is basically the best in class for Android phones right now, so performance should not be an issue.

With RAM, very little is known so far. Ditto storage. But given OnePlus’ history, I’d expect options for 12GB and 16GB of RAM with storage starting at 128GB and potentially topping out at 512GB (and there’s always the possibility of a 1TB model).

Display Technology: A Curve Ahead

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The rumored 6.8-inch 2K LTPO “micro-curved” screen of the OnePlus 13 could be a significant leap forward in smartphone display technology. Let’s break down what this means:

  • Size and Resolution: At 6.8 inches, the display offers ample screen real estate, while the 2K resolution (likely 3200 x 1440 pixels) ensures crisp, detailed visuals with approximately 513 pixels per inch.
  • LTPO Technology: LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) allows for a variable refresh rate, potentially ranging from 1Hz to 120Hz. This adaptive technology can significantly improve battery life by reducing refresh rates for static content while maintaining smoothness for animations and scrolling.
  • “Micro-curved” Design: Unlike the dramatic waterfall displays or completely flat screens, the “micro-curved” design suggests subtle curves along all four edges. This could offer several benefits:
    1. Improved ergonomics, making edge swipes more comfortable
    2. A more immersive viewing experience with minimal bezels
    3. Reduced accidental touch inputs compared to more extremely curved displays
  • Color and Brightness: While specifics aren’t confirmed, we can expect HDR10+ support, a wide color gamut (likely covering 100% of the DCI-P3 space), and peak brightness potentially reaching 1,500 nits or higher for HDR content.
  • Display Protection: Likely to feature Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass Victus 2 or a comparable proprietary solution for enhanced durability.

This unique combination of features could set the OnePlus 13 apart from flat-screened competitors like the iPhone and Google Pixel series, while also differentiating it from more extremely curved displays found on some Samsung models

Camera Capabilities

Building on the success of the OnePlus 12’s camera system, the OnePlus 13 doesn’t need a complete overhaul.

However, the potential upgrade to new Sony sensors for the ultrawide and telephoto lenses could significantly boost image quality and versatility.

With a 50MP main camera, a 50MP ultrawide, and a 50MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom, the OnePlus 13 is poised to be a photography powerhouse.

Battery and Charging

A massive 6,000mAh battery coupled with 100W wired charging suggests that the OnePlus 13 will offer exceptional battery life and incredibly fast charging times.

Sources have claimed that OnePlus may ditch wireless charging on the OnePlus 13 – although this has not been confirmed yet.

This combination could be a major selling point for power users who demand long-lasting performance.

Pricing Strategy: Maintaining the Edge

OnePlus has always aimed to deliver flagship-level specs at a more accessible price point.

Industry analysts expect the OnePlus 13 to maintain a price around $799, positioning it competitively against rivals like the iPhone 16, Pixel 9, and Samsung Galaxy S25.

At this price point, the OnePlus 13’s rumored specs could offer significantly more value compared to its competitors.

What This Means for Consumers

If these rumored specs prove accurate, the OnePlus 13 could be one of the most compelling flagship options of 2024/2025. It promises to deliver top-tier performance, an innovative display, capable cameras, and robust battery life – all at a price point that undercuts many of its rivals.


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