What Is The Pixel Watch Battery Life? Here’s How Long It Lasts!

Google’s new Pixel Watch has arrived…but how’s the Pixel Watch battery life?

Wondering about the Pixel Watch battery life? Here’s what you need to know…

Google has now officially announced the Pixel Watch. The watch has been rumored for years and could throw the Android smartwatch market into a tizzy. But of course, Google has its sights set on bigger fish – namely, Google is probably hoping the Pixel Watch will catch on as much as the Apple Watch has.

Of course, the Apple Watch has a nearly 7-year head start on the Pixel Watch, but Google’s first Pixel Watch offering looks pretty stunning. The circular display is an eye-catcher as is the stainless steel body.

But like any electronic device, the Pixel Watch is only as good for as long as its battery life. So just what is the Pixel Watch battery life? Let’s check it out!

What Is The Pixel Watch Battery Life? Here’s How Long It Lasts!Pin

What Is The Pixel Watch Battery Life?

Some good news – Google advertises the Pixel Watch has a battery life of 24 hours. However, there is a bit of a caveat to that. As Google notes in its small print:

“Maximum battery life is approximate and is based on testing using pre-production hardware and software. Charging times are approximate. The use of certain features will decrease battery life. Battery life depends on the features enabled, usage, environment and many other factors. Actual battery life may be lower.”


And look, Google’s small print isn’t much different than you see on the small print of other electronic devices when discussing battery life.

Unlike virtually every other component in the Pixel Watch, the battery isn’t mainly an electronic component. Batteries are still mostly chemical in nature and chemicals are more unstable than electronic components and they tend to degrade over time, too.

That means the longer you own your Pixel Watch, the less battery life it will have. It’s just the way batteries work.

What Is The Size Of The Pixel Watch Battery?

Of course, the larger the battery in the device, the better battery life it potentially has. But just want is the size of the battery in the Pixel Watch?

Google says the Pixel Watch battery size is 294 mAh (typical). Now, compared to smartphones – which have batteries with mAh’s in the thousands – that’s pretty small. However, given that the Pixel Watch is so much smaller than a smartphone, Google is obviously limited to the size of the battery it can fit in the watch.

As for the type of battery in the Pixel Watch, Google says its a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

How Do You Charge The Pixel Watch?

The Pixel Watch comes with a USB-C magnetic charging cable. It magnetically attaches to the back of the Pixel Watch. If you’ve seen the MagSafe charger on the Apple Watch, you know what we’re talking about.

What the Pixel Watch does not come with is a power adapter. That means you’ll need to prove your own power adapter to plug the Pixel Watch USB-C magnetic charging cable into. If you don’t have one (and don’t want to buy one) you can plug the USB-C magnetic charging cable into your laptop to charge the Pixel Watch.

As for changing speed, Google says that an 18 W adapter plugged into a wall socket will charge the Pixel watch to 50% in 30 minutes, to 80% in 55 minutes, and to 100% in 80 minutes.

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