The Best iPhone Apps: Your Ultimate Guide For 2021

Looking for new iPhone apps? This resource page is designed to help you find the best new iPhone apps across all major categories, pulling together hundreds of hours of research by our team. From dating apps to fitness and training apps, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for below…

iPhone App Guide: Your Essential Guide For 2021
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Most Popular Types of iPhone Apps…

If you’re new to iPhone, or just need some inspiration about what to download next, here are some of the most popular types of iPhone apps based on user interest.

Weight Loss Apps

Keeping track of your weight, and losing pounds, has never been easier thanks to these apps

Apps For Learning Spanish

Find out what the top iPhone apps are for learning Spanish

Apps For Cyclists

The most popular (and most loved) iPhone apps for cyclists in one place

Apps For Apple Watch

Got an Apple Watch? You’ll definitely want to check these apps out then…

Apps For Digital Art

Learn what the best apps for creating digital art on your iPhone are.

Video Calling Apps

COVID sucks, especially when you’re locked down. Here’s our #1 favorite video-calling apps

Best Budgeting Apps

If you want to start saving some money, or just do a bit of budgeting, these apps will help a lot…

Movie Streaming Apps

Netflix is great. But what about free movie streaming sites? Here’s your best options

Best Fishing Apps

Do you fish? If so, these iPhone fishing apps are gonna seriously impress you!

Baby & Toddler Apps

A list of amazing apps designed specifically for babies and toddlers

iPhone App Guide: Your Essential Guide For 2021
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Wanna Learn How To Make Your Own iPhone Apps?

Think you could design the next WhatsApp or Angry Birds? Learning to code apps isn’t impossible, not if you have the right tools. And this video-course, our #1 pick for wannabe iPhone developers in 2021, is well worth a look. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to make apps like Spotify, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

The Best Tinder Alternatives For iPhone

When it comes to dating apps, Tinder isn’t the ONLY game in town…

Check out all the best current alternatives to Tinder below. These apps were all tested and used by members of the KnowYourMobile team – to varying degrees of success.

iPhone X & iPhone 8 Plus
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The Best Apps For Business Users – Hustlin’ On Your iPhone..

You can pretty much do anything with your iPhone. And that includes running your business too

There are plenty of business-focussed apps for iPhone. But finding the best ones can be tricky, especially if you’re busy. We tested thousands of business apps to create this list, so you can rest assured that the iPhone business apps listed below are well worth your time.

iPhone App Guide: Your Essential Guide For 2021
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Garmin Watch Battery Guide-2
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The Best Apps For Runners

Strava is great. But it isn’t the only app you can use to track your runs…

As an active runner myself, and someone that has used Strava for years, I figured it was time I checked out the competition. Turns out there are plenty of really great Strava alternatives out there. Find out more below…

Best Apps For Making Music

Your iPhone is a massively powerful machine. And thanks to the popularity of iPhone, lots of music-production apps are now available…

From drum machines to synths and sequencers, we detail ALL the best iPhone apps for making music. However, I have to do a special shout-out to Positive Grid here for its amazing Spark Amp. If you own a guitar, and you don’t know what the Spark Amp is, you are missing out BIG TIME… 

iPhone App Guide: Your Essential Guide For 2021
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iPhone App FAQ

We’ve covered all the main stuff above, but just in case you have any more questions. Here’s a selection of iPhone Apps FAQs – basically the commonly asked questions about apps!

What is The Best VPN App For iPhone?

There are many good VPNs available for iPhone, but the one we like the most is PureVPN. It is fast, secure, and very affordable.

What is The Most Popular iPhone Game of 2021?

MineCraft and Plague Inc are the two most popular iPhone games from the last couple of years.

How Many Apps Should I Have On My Phone?

Again, if you have the storage, you can have as many as you like. Me personally, I don’t like to run anymore than 15 apps on my phone.

What is The Most Popular iPhone App Ever?

The most popular iPhone app of 2020 and 2021 was TikTok, followed closely by YouTube and DoorDash.

Do Apps Slow My iPhone Down?

No, running apps will not slow your iPhone down. But you should only run apps that you need and use, as they do take up valuable space.

Latest Mobile Phone News

Stay up to date with ALL the latest mobile phone news.

Learn To Make iPhone Apps

This is the #1 rated course for learning to create iPhone apps.

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