Google Pixel 4 Colors: Which Hue Looks The Best?

OK, so prior to launch there were a ton of rumors about multiple color options for the Google Pixel 4 (see below for more info on this). Following the official launch of the Pixel 4, however, we now know that this was wishful thinking on part of leakers and tipsters.…

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Google Birthday Surprise Spinner: Let’s Get Kids To Code!

Google’s celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the launch of the coding language Logo – the coding language aimed specifically at helping children learn to code. To commemorate the occasion in typical Google style, the firm has released an interactive Doodle game called Coding For Carrots. The game tasks players…

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Have You Played Google’s Hidden Text Adventure Game?

Google may be one of the world’s biggest brands, but it’s not above throwing out some surprises every now and again. As if to illustrate this, it has been discovered that the search giant has hidden an old-school text adventure game in its famous browser, and we’re going to show…

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