The #1 Best Tinder Alternatives (Best To Worst)

Chances are you’ve probably heard of Tinder, the mobile dating app that’s become so huge it has changed the way traditional online dating sites approach their mobile presence. Not only that, but it has had a bit of an impact on language and culture with terms like “swipe left” having…

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Best MicroSD Cards: The #1 Best Options RIGHT NOW

Many, many Android phones, action cameras, and drones support MicroSD cards. But not all MicroSD cards were created equally, so make sure you ONLY go with the best MicroSD cards – like these! The #1 Top MicroSD Cards Right Now Right now, these are our #1 picks for the best…

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Best Mini PCs For Your Living Room’s HDTV (Windows 10)

Fancy running Windows 10 or ChromeOS on your HDTV? It’s actually A LOT simpler than you think with these EPIC mini PCs… Smart TVs are great, but they’re still no way near as useful as a proper PC with a proper operating system. With Windows 10 or ChromeOS, you can…

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The Best Apple Lightning Charger is NOT Made by Apple

Here’s the thing: authentic Lightning cables from Apple are WELL EXPENSIVE and this, depending on your budget, can be rather annoying. If you run multiple iOS devices, keeping them all charged – if you lose or break the lightning cable they came with – can quickly become an expensive affair.…

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The #1 BEST Bluetooth Conference Speakers Money Can Buy

The #1 Top Bluetooth Conference Speakers #1) Jabra Speak 710 UC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker For me, the Jabra Speak 710 UC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the one to go for. Kitted out with supported for all major communication platforms, including WebEx, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Join Me, it’s the most…

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The Best USB-C Earphones For Your Android Phone

Following Apple’s removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 several years ago, Android makers started removing the jack from their devices too. For Android, the 3.5mm jack was done away with with the intention that people who still wanted to use wired headphones would use the USB-C…

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