Bluetooth Problems – The #1 Causes & How To Fix Them

Bluetooth has been around, in one form or another, for 20 years – so why is it still so damn unreliable!? The death of the headphone jack has been widely discussed, debated, and written about over the past several years. Apple kicked off the trend by removing the headphone jack from…

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Samsung Galaxy S11+ To Feature 5000mAh Battery

Running a 6.9in 120Hz display requires A LOT of power, so that’s why Samsung is outfitting the Samsung Galaxy S11+ with a 5000mAh battery… It’s not too long now until the launch and release of Samsung’s Galaxy S11 range. The range of handsets – there’ll be at least three – will…

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Buying A Phone From GearBest: A Guide… (And What To Expect)

GearBest is basically the Amazon of the East. GearBest sells phones, tablets, and a variety of other products. It’s also VERY cheap. So what’s the catch? What is GearBest? If you like paying less for phones, tablets, and consumer electronics, and you haven’t heard of GearBest, well… you’re missing out.…

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