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Follow me as I show you the Apple Watch size comparison chart that will help you to select your preferred Apple Watch model…

Apple Watches is part of the Apple brand of digital devices. The watches not only make it easier to make and answer calls, but it also incorporates fitness tracking monitor and heart rate monitor. 

Apple Watch Comparison Chart – Models And Sizes

Apple Watch Feature Apple Watch Series 6 (40m) Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm)  Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm) Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm) Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm) Apple Watch Series 3 (42mm)
Length  40mm 40mm 40mm 44mm 38.6 to 39.2mm 42.5 to 42.6mm
breadth  34mm 38mm  34mm 38mm 33.3 to 34.0mm 36.4 to 36.5mm
Depth 10.4mm 10.4mm 10.74mm 10.74mm 11.4 to 11.8mm 11.4mm
Display Size  759mm 977mm 759mm 977mm 563mm 740mm
Weight 30.5g 36.5g 30.8 to 40.6g 36.5 to 47.8g 26.7 to 42.4g 32.3 to 52.8g
Display resolution (the higher, the better) 394 X 324 448 X 368 324×394 368×448 272×340 312×390
Aspect ratio 16:13 16:13 18:09 22:02 14.81 17.61
Retina Display Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Apple Watch Sizes & How Each Model Is Different

Apple Watch Series 6 and SE

Starting from Apple series 4, all Apple Watch series have the same size of 40 and 44 mm versions against the 38 and 42mm versions seen in Apple watch series 1 – 3. Apple Watch Series 6 and SE are two of the most recent Apple watch series, and both come in two versions of GPS only, or GPS and cellular.  

Both incorporate several life-saving features, including fall detection, electrical heart sensor, international emergency dialing, and heart rate monitor. However, Apple Watch Series SE does not support Blood Oxygen and ECG apps, which are new features present on the Apple watch series 6. The cellular and GPS version comes with a price tag starting from $499, while the GPS only version sells from $399.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple watch series 5 differs from series 6 in processing power and packing additional blood oxygen and ECG features. Apple Series 5 also has auto-call features that can dial emergency numbers in case of an accident when alone. Like other series, the Apple Watch Series 5 also comes in 40mm or 44mm size and features a Retina LTPO OLED display with a thousand nits.

Apple Watch Series 3

Unlike Series 4 to 6, Apple Watch Series 3 features a 38mm or 42 mm size with a 2nd generation Retina OLED display with the same 1000 nits as seen in more recent versions. However, you can only get to buy the GPS version of Apple Watch Series 3 against the choice of a GPs, or a GPS and cellular, as seen in more recent versions. Apple Watch Series 3 is available starting from $199.

The choice of case size depends on the Apple watch size that fits your wrist most. However, the larger 44mm version implies:

  • Higher resolution with more pixels
  • You have a larger display size with larger icons and text sizes.
  • Tapping on icons and accessing apps on the watch will be easier, thus minimizing the chances of selecting the wrong app. 
  • More texts and less swiping or scrolling. 

What Apple Watch Series Are Available?

Apple Watch Set Up GuidePin

Apple has 6 series of Apple watches; series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6; however, series 1, 2, and 4 are not readily available in stores because Apple has discontinued their production.

What factors to consider when buying an Apple Watch?

If you’re buying an Apple watch based on its life-saving features, it is essential to consider the following:

  1. The size of the Apple wristwatch 
  2. The size of the band 
  3. Band styles
  4. Band materials

What Are The Available Apple Watch Sizes And Dimensions?

Each Apple Watch series has two size options available. For instance, Apple Watch Series 5 and 6 and the Apple Watch SE have the 40mm and 44mm size options, while Apple Watch Series 3 have 38mm 42mm cases. 

Which Apple Watch Size Will Fit Your Wrist?


Wrist sizes are in two categories: 

  1. Smaller wrist sizes which measure between 5 – 6.5 inches, or 150 – 185mm. Wrist sizes within this categories will usually go for the smaller sized 38mm Apple wristwatch for Series 3 or the 40mm size for Series 5 and 6. 
  2. Larger wrist sizes between 7 – 8 inches, or 180 – 210mm. If you have a larger wrist size within this category, the 42mm Series 3 or the 44mm Series 4 will sit snugly on your wrist.

Irrespective of your wrist size, you can adjust the Apple wristwatch band to fit your wrist; however, the danger is making the wrist strap fit tightly or too loose. 

A tight strap can leave an imprint on your skin and interrupt blood flow, while a loose strap can affect the accuracy of vital readings like heart rate, ECG, and blood oxygen monitor.

Apple Watch For Him & Her

When you are shopping for a non-smartwatch you’ll notice that most traditional watches are speraged into “his” and “her” models. These models often have varying distinguishing features. Most “his” models are bulkier, larger, and more rugged. Most “her” models are smaller, thinner, and more stylish. With the Apple Watch, all models are generally the same thickness and all have the same design language.

However, the Apple Watch has always come in two different sizes. 38mm or 42mm for the Apple Watch Series 1–3 and 40mm or 44mm for the Apple Watch Series 4 and above. If you’re getting an Apple Watch for yourself, you’re going to obviously know which size you prefer. But if you’re getting one for someone as a gift, it’s important you find out which size they prefer. But if it’s a gift you don’t want them to know about…they you’re in a trickier position.

It’s reasonable to assume that most men, who are generally bigger-framed than women would prefer the larger size since they, generally, have thicker wrists. Likewise, it’s reasonable to assume most woman may like the smaller size. However, these are just generalizations and there are plenty of people who the inverse would be true.

So if you want to surprise someone with an Apple Watch, you can’t solely rely on gender to decide which model to get them. What you can do is take a peek at the watch they have now. Is it large or small? Bulky or trim? That could be a big tip off to what size Apple Watch they prefer.

How To Choose The Right Apple Watch

Here’s how:

  1. Measure your wrist size and match it with any of the above size categories.
  2. Use the Apple Store app: The ‘for you’ option in the Apple Store will display the right Apple Watch and dimension for you; compare it with your wrist to see how well it fits. 

Follow the steps below to use the Apple Store app to determine the best apple watch size for you.

  1. Download and install the ‘Apple Store’ app from the iTunes store
  2. Open the downloaded Apple Store app and navigate to ‘Shop by Product.’
  3. Select ‘Apple Watch’ 
  4. Make your choice in the ‘Apple Watch’ section. For each type of Apple watch, the following information is available:
    1. Pricing 
    2. Model
    3. ‘Case Size.’
  5. Tap on the question ‘which case size is right for you?’ to display the right Apple Watch size and dimension for you.
  6. In the Apple Store app, you can customize the Apple watch to suit your style. Common choices you can make are based on color, look, strap color, and type.
  1. Make a print out of your choice of Apple watch sizes at 100% scale, cut to shape, and try it on. Alternatively, you can fold a dollar bill in two at the center, fold in two. Fold again at the center from the side, and fold a third time at the center to get a 39 by 39 mm dimension.
  2. Visit the Apple Store to try out the various Apple Watch models and sizes. Trying out a real Apple watch on your wrist is the best way to know which Apple watch size fits your wrist best.

Conclusion: Picking The Right Strap For Your Watch 

Apple’s guide provides a detailed guide on choosing the right type of strap. Information you will find on the page includes strap sizes and types such as the classic buckles, Milanese loop, sports band, Leather loop, and modern buckle. And you can view all the most current models here.  

And be sure to check out how long an Apple Watch lasts.

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