Apple Watch Set Up Guide: Tips, Tricks & Best Practices…

Got an Apple Watch? Wondering how to set it up properly? Here’s a complete guide on how to set up the Apple Watch for the first time…

The Apple Watch is the most popular wearable on the planet. It is also one of the smartest too. But if this is your first Apple Watch, you’re probably wondering how to set it up for the first time? No worries – this guide is here to help.

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Just follow the Apple Watch set up guide below to get your new Apple Watch set up and paired with your iPhone. It’s a simple process that only take a few minutes and all you need is a fully charged iPhone, your Apple Watch, and a bit of spare time…

How To Set Up Apple Watch For The First Time

Before you begin setting up your Apple Watch, you will need to ensure that your iPhone is running the latest build of iOS. You will also need to make sure that Bluetooth is switched on too. Lastly, your iPhone will need to have an active internet connection – either 4G or your home WiFi network.

Once you’ve got all of these things confirmed, you can now start setting up your Apple Watch. Follow the steps below to set up your Apple Watch for the first time:

  • #1) Turn on Your Apple Watch – To turn your Apple Watch on, just hold down the button on the side of the device until you see the Apple logo appear. Once you see the Apple logo appear, stop pressing the button and the Apple Watch will start booting up.
  • #2) Hold Your Apple Watch Close To Your iPhone – Once your Apple Watch has booted up, it will display the following message: “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” – when you see this tap CONTINUE. Please note, for this to work, you need to keep your iPhone close to your Apple Watch.
  • #3)  Next, Hold Your Phone Over The Animation on Your Apple Watch’s Screen – You will now be promoted to hold your iPhone over your Apple Watch, using the iPhone’s camera as a viewfinder. The Apple Watch screen will display an image, hover your iPhone over this until a message appears confirming the Apple Watch is paired with the iPhone.
  • #4) Set Up Mode – Set Up As New or Restore From Back Up – When it comes to setting up Apple Watch, you have two options: 1) start from fresh or 2) restore the Apple Watch from a previous backup. If this is your first Apple Watch, you’ll want to go with option #1 – SET UP AS NEW
  • #5) Sign In With Your Apple ID – You will then be asked to enter your Apple ID.
  • #6) Confirm What Settings You Want To Share With iPhone – Your Apple Watch is almost set up now. The next step will ask you what settings you want to turn on and share with iPhone, things like Find My Apple Watch and Siri. I’d start by allowing all of the apps access, you can always switch them off at a later date.
  • #7) Create A Passcode – Once all of the above steps are done, you’ll be asked to create a password. This is a security measure to ensure, should you lose your Apple Watch, no one else can access it. Set the password to something you can easily remember and then hit continue.
  • #8) Install Apps & Sync Your Apple Watch & iPhone – The last step will help you set up Apple Pay and show you some cool Apple Watch apps you can download right away. Have a look at the options and see which take your fancy. Once you’ve installed some apps, the Apple Watch will start syncing. This can take a few moments. Once it is done syncing, you’re done! Your Apple Watch is ready for business.

How To Activate LTE on Apple Watch

If you have a cellular Apple Watch (AKA the Apple Watch with LTE), you’ll want to activate its cellular capabilities right away. Again, this process is pretty simple but you do need to ensure that your Apple Watch and iPhone are running on the latest builds of iOS and watchOS, so if they’re not make sue you update them before activating 4G on your Apple Watch

Set Up Cellular on Your Apple Watch

  1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app
  2. Next, tap the My Watch tab, then Cellular
  3. Now tap, Set Up Cellular

On the next screen, simply follow the instructions from your carrier and network and your Apple Watch’s cellular functions will activate.

How do I know my Apple Watch is connected to a cellular network? The Apple Watch will automatically connect to a cellular network, and when it does the cellular icon will be highlighted green in the Apple Watch settings.

If a cellular network isn’t available, the Apple Watch will connect to your iPhone for data or UMTS if that is supported by your carrier. Whatever happens, though, your Apple Watch will always have data one way of another.

If you want to turn cellular off, simply go to the Settings app on your Apple Watch and tap the cellular icon – it will turn white when it is not active.

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