None of Apple’s Apple Watch models are waterproof but they are all “water-resistant” and there is a difference – here’s what you need to know…

Most people assume the Apple Watch is waterproof, but this is a mistake because it isn’t – it is “water-resistant” which is quite a bit different from waterproof.

When something is waterproof, it can survive indefinitely underwater for prolonged periods of time. With water resistance, it means the product can withstand submersion up to certain depths.

Is My Apple Watch Waterproof?

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With Apple Watch, you have a water resistance rating of IPX7 (60529) for the Apple Watch Series 1, while Apple’s Series 2, 3, 4, and 5 have a water resistance rating for up to 50 meters of depth under the same IPX7 rating but they use a different (better) standard – ISO standard 22810:2010.

What does this mean? For the most part, you don’t need to worry about wearing your Apple Watch in the pool, the ocean, or when swimming inside streams and rivers. All of Apple’s Apple Watch – even the first Series One model – have water resistance ratings.

Apple’s later models – from Series 2 and up – are rated for depths of up to 50 meters which means they are “more” resistant to water than the Apple Watch Series 1. But given the age of the Apple Watch Series 1, this isn’t too much of an issue – no one is buying that model in 2021.

What You Shouldn’t Do With Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is water-resistant. This applies to all models. But the rating is NOT designed for things like jet-skiing and/or diving. Even surfing with Apple Watch is a no-no. You might get away with it, but it is recommended that you do not wear Apple Watch for sea sports activities.

Similarly, you probably shouldn’t wear your Apple Watch in the shower either. Why? Because things like soap and hair conditioner can affect the Apple Watch negatively; they can break through the seals and you do not want this.

Again, many people do wear their Apple Watch in the shower. But, again, it is not advisable, especially since water resistance wanes as the product gets older. And the chemicals in things like shampoos can negatively impact the Apple Watch’s water resistance barriers too.

Make Use of Apple Watch’s Water Lock Mode

If you are going to use the Apple Watch in water – either the pool or the bath or shower – make sure you take advantage of its built-in Water Lock mode.

Water lock mode for the Apple Watch is a feature that locks the display, so you don’t accidentally do something while in the water, and it also cleans out water from the speaker once you’re out of the water.

How do you activate Water Lock mode? There are basically two ways of doing this: the first is automatic; if you jump in the pool and track your workout, Water Lock mode will automatically activate.

The second method for activating Water Lock mode is manual. To do this Swipe Up on The Watch Face > Tap The Water Droplet Icon > Once Water Lock mode is activated, a blue water drop will appear in the middle of the display.

Deactivating Apple Watch Water Lock Mode

Once you’re done in the water, deactivating Water Lock mode is as easy as turning the Digital Crown until the blue water icon fills the circular icon. Once you’ve done this, the Apple Watch will make a series of sounds – this is the Apple Watch clearing out water from its speakers.

In swimming mode, press the digital crown and the side button at the same time – this will pause the workout. Next, turn the digital crown to unlock the screen, then swipe right, and tap X to end the workout – Water Lock mode will no deactivate.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the Apple Watch – all models – are fine for use in water, so long as you’re not surfing or scuba diving. Swimming is fine. But you should avoid wearing it in the shower, as the chemicals from shampoo and shower gel can compromise its water resistance.

For superior waterproofing, you’re always going to be better off with a smartwatch from Garmin – they’re designed for diving and swimming, as well as running and hiking. They do lack the features of the Apple Watch, but for durability, fitness tracking, and accuracy, Garmin watches – like this one – are some of the best in the business.

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