Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G’s Packin’ A 1TB SD-Card Slot


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The Galaxy S11 will probably be called the Galaxy S20, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra model will feature a 1TB SD-card slot

Expandable storage used to be a mainstay on most Android phones back in the day. But nowadays a phone with an SD slot is rare. There is good news for Samsung fans, however, as word on the street suggests the Galaxy S20 Ultra will feature a 1TB SD-card slot.

You will, of course, have to pick yourself up a 1TB SD card, and they ain’t cheap – you’re looking at $239 on Amazon for one!

The SD slot on the Galaxy S20 Ultra will take cards ranging from 128GB to 1TB, with 256GB and 512GB filling in the gaps. News of the SD slot was confirmed by XDA’s Max Weinberg, who also went on to detail a bunch more about the Galaxy S20 Ultra, including the vast majority of its new specifications…

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Ultra Specs

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is going to be pricey. Very pricey. Even by Apple and Samsung’s usual standards. The specifications for the Galaxy S20 Ultra are very impressive though – 16GB of RAM is no joke! That’s more than my desktop PC, I’m ashamed to say!

And it just gets better from here: you have a mega array of camera lenses on the rear: a 108MP main, 48MP 10x optical, and a 12MP ultra-wide. Inside, you’re looking at Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon, a 5000mAh battery with 45W Fast Charge, and, of course, a stunning OLED display up front.

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Galaxy S20

The main differences between the Galaxy S20 models, starting with the Galaxy S20 and going up to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, will be to do with the camera tech, battery sizes, display sizes, and levels of RAM and storage. If you go the Ultra route, you’ll basically be getting a high-end laptop crammed inside a phone. But you will be paying A LOT for it…

How much? Tricky to say, right now. But I wouldn’t be surprised if prices started at $1200 and went up to $1800, depending on the trim. The higher the storage and RAM, the higher the price. I’d expect the range-topper (it’s got 16GB of RAM, apparently) to cost more than double the price of the standard Galaxy S20.

Bottom line? You’re gonna need BIG bucks at hand to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I mean, the Galaxy Note 10, which is now readily available, starts from £869. Add in all the rumored spec changes alleged for the Galaxy S20 Ultra and it’s easy to see things picking up massively in the price department!

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