Samsung makes quite a few phones and they all come in different configurations. In this Samsung phone RAM comparison, we’ll show you how much RAM each model has and which has the most…

RAM is super-important, especially with Android phones. By design, Android requires more RAM to function optimally than Apple’s iOS platform. This is why Android phones, since day one, have always come with more RAM than Apple’s iPhones.

RAM is important for every aspect of your phone’s functionality – from running and opening apps to loading up and running the operating system which, in this case, would be Android. Basically, without RAM, your phone would not function. And having higher amounts of RAM, generally speaking, makes for better overall performance.

The amount of RAM you get inside your Samsung phone will depend on the model you have. Samsung’s more expensive phones, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, for instance, will always come with more RAM than its cheaper phones like the entry-level Samsung Galaxy S22 or its budget models like the Samsung Galaxy A72.

In order to find out how much RAM your Samsung phone has, let’s take a look at how much RAM each of Samsung’s most popular Android phones ships with.

With this resource, you’ll be able to A) tell how much RAM your Samsung phone has, B) find out which Samsung phones have the most RAM, and C) appreciate how the amount of RAM used inside Samsung phones has increased over the years.

Samsung Phone RAM Comparison Chart

Samsung Phone ModelAmount of RAM
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra8GB or 12GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus8GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy S228GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra8GB or 12GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus8GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy S218GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy S108GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy S10+12GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy S10e8GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 312GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 212GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold12GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy A726GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy A716GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy A526GB RAM

Which Samsung Phone Has The Most RAM?

If you want the absolute best performance from your phone, and you want a Samsung phone, you’re going to have to go with Samsung’s latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. This phone has the most RAM currently available of in any of the newest Samsung phone models you can buy – it comes with 12GB of RAM, although there is also an 8GB of RAM version of the S22 Ultra.

For overall performance, the 12GB of RAM version of the Galaxy S22 is always going to deliver the most potent performance. Incidentally, this variant is also the most expensive. But for that extra money, you will get the maximum possible performance, the best camera system, and the most storage available on any Samsung phone right now.

Alternatively, you could save yourself some money in 2022 and go with the Galaxy S21 Ultra which is now a lot cheaper. This phone also ships with 12GB of RAM, features a stunning camera module, and packs in a very impressive CPU. It also retails for considerably less than the Galaxy S22 Ultra now that it is 12 months old. Want performance on a smaller budget? Check out the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is still a very good buy in 2022. It has masses of power, 5G, it supports S-Pen, and it looks as good as ever. If you want to save some money, get 2021’s flagship model over the S22 Ultra.

  • S-Pen Support
  • 40% Cheaper
  • 5G Connectivity
  • Amazing Camera
  • Outstanding Performance
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

How Much RAM Will The Galaxy S23 Have?

The Galaxy S23 isn’t official yet, but there are already plenty of rumors circulating around the upcoming series of smartphones. And one of them relates to the amount of RAM used inside the Galaxy S23 Ultra model.

According to reports, Samsung is looking to add a 16GB of RAM variant to its Galaxy S23 Ultra line. If true, this phone would be massively powerful, especially when paired with a next-gen Exynos and/or Snapdragon CPU.

Again, nothing is yet known officially about the Galaxy S23, so take all of the above with a pinch of salt. That being said, moving from 12GB to 16GB of RAM does make sense, given that 12GB has now been the standard for a good few years on Android flagship phones.

Is 8GB RAM Enough For A Phone?

Samsung Phone RAM ComparisonPin

The question of how much RAM your phone really needs isn’t exactly easy to answer. It has unique nuances, for instance, that are created by the million and one way different users use their phones. If you’re a serious mobile gaming enthusiast, sure, you’ll need plenty of RAM – the more the better, really.

But if you’re just using your phone to browse the web, run a few apps, make calls, and send messages, you don’t really need that much RAM at all. In fact, for the vast majority of people, 8GB of RAM will be more than enough memory for what you need to do on your phone.

The ONLY time you’ll need more than 8GB of RAM is if you plan on really pushing the capabilities of your phone – things like gaming and video-editing, for instance, are very intensive tasks. Having 12GB of RAM at your disposal for these kinds of tasks will make life a lot easier. But you DO NOT need 12GB of RAM for normal usage, no – in this context, it’d just be overkill.

Why Does Anyone Need 12GB of RAM In A Phone?

Expanding on what we said earlier, yes, there is definitely a need and demand for phones with 12GB of RAM, especially in the Android niche. But the thing you NEED to keep in mind is that NOT everybody will require this amount of RAM – only a select few types of users.

As noted above, if you’re a serious gamer or you plan on doing a lot of photo and/or video-editing on your phone, having 12GB of RAM will make life a lot easier. Your phone will run smoother and be able to better handle intensive, power-hungry tasks. You can, of course, get a phone with 12GB of RAM and use it how you wish, just keep in mind that you will be charged more for it.

And if you’re not actually putting all that extra RAM to use, it is kind of a waste of money, right? Most people will never use or require 12GB of RAM. And by most people, I mean like 99.9% of people reading this. What does this mean? Simple: save some cash and buy a phone that has 8GB of RAM. Anything else, in the grand scheme of things, is just overkill.

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G bill
G bill
9 months ago

The S21 Ultra model has a 16GB RAM model available, I know because I have it.