Apple’s iOS 16 update has only just been released but there were some teething issues. Fortunately, iOS 16.0.2 is now here to fix them all…

If you’re iPhone is currently running iOS 16 and you’ve experienced some issues with your phone since installing it, fear not: Apple’s iOS 16.0.2 is here, and it comes with a raft of fixes and patches for the most reported iOS 16 issues.

Apple’s iOS 16.0.2 update is now rolling out to iPhone, so you should be notified about it – via your iPhone – at some point in the next day or so. The update, as usual, is a small one. It fixes some of the reported issues currently affecting both the iPhone 14 Pro and older iPhone models.

Fix For iPhone 14 Pro Camera Shaking Issue

Of course, the real reason iOS 16.0.2 was pushed out as fast as it was is because of the current issue affecting some iPhone 14 Pro camera modules. And with the phones only just available, this issue had “PR disaster” written all over it.

Ever since the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pro went on sale, new users have been reporting weird shaking issues with the camera, especially when used in third-party apps like TikTok and Snapchat.

Apple quickly took note and tasked its engineers with finding a fix which is why iOS 16.0.2 launched so quickly after the release of iOS 16, and the first initial update, iOS 16.0.1.

Apple needed to fix the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera issues before it started affecting sales which, given enough time and headlines, it inevitably would have.

iOS 16.0.2 Fixes & Updates: What You Get…

Here’s a complete breakdown of everything iOS 16.0.2 addresses, fixes, and updates:

  • Camera may vibrate and cause blurry photos when shooting with some third-party apps on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Display may appear completely black during device setup
  • Copy and paste between apps may cause a permission prompt to appear more than expected
  • VoiceOver may be unavailable after rebooting
  • Addresses an issue where touch input was unresponsive on some iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 displays after being serviced

Of course, this new update wasn’t the first tweak to iOS 16; Apple pushed out its iOS 16.0.1 update shortly after iOS 16’s official release. That update fixed the following issues:

  • iMessage and FaceTime may not complete activation
  • Photos may appear soft when zooming in landscape orientation on iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Enterprise single sign-on apps may fail to authenticate

Both of the recent iOS 16 updates are small but essential tweaks that were required to make Apple’s iPhones function optimally. The more recent iOS 16.0.2 is the bigger of the two updates, tackling quite a few known issues and bugs that were affecting an unknown number of iPhones, both old and new.

If you’ve not upgraded to Apple’s latest version of iOS yet, you can check out our full review of iOS 16 to see what makes the update tick. It is easily one of the biggest and most significant iOS updates in years and, teething issues aside, it performed amazingly well in our tests.

And check out what’s in store for iOS 17!

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