The iPhone 13 Mini will be the last “small” iPhone Apple release. This year’s iPhone 14 range WILL NOT feature an iPhone 14 Mini model – here’s why

Not so long ago, there were calls for Apple – en masse, from its loyal user base – to go back to small iPhones. This is why we got the first iPhone SE way back when. But a lot can change in six years. And it appears as if Apple’s users have now moved on, accepting and preferring the idea of larger phones.

Apple’s iPhones, even before it was doing three to four models per release cycle, have been getting bigger since 2014 with the release of the iPhone 6 series. By the time we got to 2019, the iPhone 11 – Apple’s standard model – shipped with a 6.1in display. And things have just progressed from there, with the Pro Max’s screen topping out at 6.7inches.

No More Small iPhones From 2022 Onwards

When Apple released the iPhone 12 series, it added in a new model – the iPhone 12 mini. Prior to release, everybody – myself included – expected this phone to be extremely popular. It was small, it had the same specs as the standard iPhone 12, and there were very few concessions outside of its smaller battery.

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But to everybody’s surprise, including Apple, the iPhone 12 mini did not sell well. It was the worst-performing model in the series by a considerable margin. And the reason for this performance, while unclear at the time of its release, was that the vast majority of Apple’s user-base has now moved on from small phones. Apparently, they just forget to tell anyone, including Apple.

Why did we get the iPhone 13 Mini then? Apple doesn’t just finish one iPhone and then start work on the next one. Apple’s iPhone releases – like 2023’s iPhone 15 – are planned YEARS in advance.

The iPhone 15 – and most likely the iPhone 16 – will now be in active development despite the fact they won’t see the light of day for another two or three years. Development doesn’t stop at Apple – or any other tech company for that matter.

The reason we got an iPhone 13 Mini then was because that was the plan, based on the idea that it would be successful. A plan that likely started in 2017/18 when work first began on the iPhone 12 series, but only started to look foolish once Apple had the sales data back from its iPhone 12 series release. But by this point, circa 2020, Apple had already committed to making the iPhone 13 Mini.

Goodbye, iPhone 14 Mini… Hello, iPhone 14 Max!

Rather than just killing off the iPhone 14 Mini and releasing three phones, Apple is apparently limbering up to release a new model. This new model will apparently be called the iPhone 14 Max. And as the name suggests, it will be a larger phone – it’ll have the same size screen as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, just without the Pro features.

The iPhone 14 Max will be exactly the same as the base model iPhone 14, just with a larger 6.8in display. If this turns out to be true, Apple is basically killing off its small iPhone to replace it with a massive one. And if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about Apple’s user-base moving on from small iPhones, nothing will.

The next obvious question is how much will the iPhone 14 Max cost? As it stands, no one knows. But considering it will have a larger display than the base-model iPhone 14, and OLED panels aren’t cheap, one can assume that the iPhone 14 Max will be more expensive than the iPhone 14 – that is almost a given.

As for the iPhone 13 Mini, it will live on inside the refurbished market. I actually have the iPhone 12 mini at the moment. It is a great phone, the battery is fine, and it is really, really compact. If you are looking for a great deal on a smaller iPhone, the iPhone 12 mini is now VERY affordable.

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