The Apple Watch is myriad. There are so many models to choose from now. And in this guide, we’ll show you how to find the best Apple Watch Black Friday deals

The Apple Watch isn’t cheap, especially if you buy a new one. But there will be plenty of discounts on Apple Watch models this Black Friday. Amazon sells them. Best Buy too. And pretty much every other retailer that sells consumer electronics you can think of.

This means, when Black Friday 2021 rolls around, there will be plenty of deals for Apple Watch models. You just have to know what you’re looking for and which model is best for you – this is where it gets tricky. Do you need a brand new Apple Watch? Maybe. But also, maybe not.

And like most of Apple’s hardware, you can buy older models – like you can with its iPad, MacBook, and iPhone – and still get excellent performance, longevity, and usability. Case in point: I never buy new iPads. I’d much rather buy the 2018 iPad Pro over the newer standard iPad. And the reason is simple: you get WAY more bang for your buck.

Best Apple Watch Black Friday Deals

Based on last year’s Black Friday deals, you can expect to make some pretty hefty savings on most of Apple’s Apple Watch models, if you look in the right places. Amazon is always a good place to start; it sells newer Apple Watch models like the Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch SE, as well as “renewed” Apple Watch models like the Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 4.

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If you’re a budget – or you don’t want to spend a lot of money – one of Apple’s older Apple Watch models is where you should be looking. Both the Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 4 are still very good options in 2021. Both run solid spec, they look like Apple’s newer Apple Watch models, and they’ll get software updates for years to come.

Best Apple Watch To Buy During Black Friday?

If your budget can stretch, however, we’d advise you to focus on Apple’s newer, cut-price Apple Watch, the Apple Watch SE. It has better specs, better battery life, and more features than the Apple Watch 3.

There will be Black Friday deals for the Apple Watch SE, no doubt, so if you’re in the market for a modern, affordable Apple Watch, the Apple Watch SE would be the one to pursue during Black Friday 2021.

You should be able to pick up the Apple Watch SE for just over $200 this Black Friday. With the Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 4, you’ll be looking at anywhere from $100 to $150 respectively. With newer models like the Apple Watch 7, you’ll pay around $389 to $399 – so not much change from its usual RRP.

The Apple Watch 6 will retail for anywhere between $320 to $340 this Black Friday. That makes it an OK option but it is still pretty pricey. For the absolute best value for money, you’re 100% best off going with an Apple Watch SE this Black Friday – it has the best specs and the best bang-to-buck ratio of all of Apple’s current Apple Watch models.

Or, if you just want to pay the absolute least amount of money for an Apple Watch, go with the Apple Watch 3 – you’ll be able to get that for around $100 to $120. I wouldn’t go any lower than this, though, because the Apple Watch 2 and the original Apple Watch are no longer supported by Apple, so you will not get any new updates.

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