The Apple Watch Series 7 is due out later this year but it will not be able to read your body’s temperature, as some had speculated

The next iteration of Apple Watch – the Apple Watch Series 7 – will launch later this year. Plenty of rumors suggested Apple was working on a method for measuring body temperature in future Watch products.

There were also claims about Apple Watch being able to read blood sugar levels too.

Sadly, neither of these things will be appearing inside the Apple Watch Series 7.

Instead, we’ll have to wait until 2022 before we can start getting body temperature readings on Apple Watch.

Apple had previously aimed to put a body temperature sensor in this year’s model, but that is now more likely to be included in the 2022 update. The blood-sugar sensor, which would help diabetics monitor their glucose levels, is unlikely to be ready for commercial launch for several more years.


The idea behind getting body temperature sensors in Apple Watch relates to the current, ongoing COVID pandemic.

Having the ability to quickly get a read of your body’s core temperature is a fast and easy way to find out if you have a fever.

It isn’t confirmation that you have COVID, obviously, but it is a useful tool to quickly access whether you need a test or not.

What’s New With Apple Watch Series 7

There are some pretty big changes planned for Apple Watch Series 7. The device itself will be slightly thicker, apparently, although not to the extent that you’d notice.

Apple will update the display tech, making it thinner, so the information looks and feels closer to the glass.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will also get a new processor and improved wireless connectivity – sounds like a 5G model is coming.

Exclusive Features Just For Series 7 Apple Watch

Beyond physical and internal improvements, sources claim Apple’s Series 7 Apple Watch will snag itself a few unique features.

One of which is the ability, launched inside watchOS 8, to open doors and hotel room doors with the Apple Watch.

Apparently, this feature will be exclusive to Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple is also said to be working on a rugged model of its Apple Watch, although that won’t see the light of day until 2022.

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